8 Style replica handbags make you a fashion 2015

Fashion Week, the most eye-catching than those creative replica handbags UK, Dolce & Gabbana with elegant design to reflect its noble origin, but always love Moschino Funny let us once again an insight into the Jeremy Scott’s design talent, and Anya Hindmarch continuation of its usual humorous.

Dolce & Gabbana– stack take handbags
In this Fashion Week handbags appeared stacked ride the wave, Moschino, Au Jour Le Jour and Dsquared2 show floor models have emerged hands, two packages of the phenomenon, but undoubtedly the most impressive of Dolce & Gabbana, Qianman jewelry and handbags extravagant flowers, just one in his hand had been bright enough, and also the two stacked ride together, not for anything else, is headstrong!

Fendi– plush handbags
Fendi has a soft spot for the fluffy stuff in the annual autumn and winter designs are ultimately fur, fluff these elements in the 2015 Winter Fashion Week fur elements return again, there has been a lot of plush handbags, and in color on more biased in favor of the Department of gentle warmth sweet, warm chocolate visual sense and sweet milky color combined with fur, people have been looking at the heart of the eruption, plus Fendi little monster hair ornaments, each woman will read heart.

Moschino– cartoon handbags
And keen to start this time Moschino Funny “play” from the cartoon characters, the Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and Duck Komidori these classic cartoon characters to move the T station, accompany us grew up watching these cartoon characters, however, is not the will of oil Health and kind of intimacy it? I believe that in 2015 some of these bags will be like a cartoon once swept the streets, like McDonald’s bag.

Marc by Marc Jacobs– fashionable purses
Fashion Week is not only unrealistic fancy design, but also as Marc by Marc Jacobs belt bag so simple and practical design. The belts and bags combined, so ingenious design refreshing, simple black leather handsome design, but this purse also allows you hands free, get rid of the shackles of the strap.

Marni– box type bag
Marni handbags is interesting given the lovely box-type appearance, rounded shape is very pleasing, in a hard plastic package body painted like a seductive lip glaze colors, this design will be able to capture the hearts and minds of all the girls, wide strap The design is also very close, you can reduce the burden on the shoulders.

Burberry– tassel handbag
Vintage Winter Fashion Week 2015 seems to be the theme of a large number of brands have begun to put on a big show of retro. In 2015Burberry autumn and winter show floor, suede, tassels and other retro elements all return, in order to fit the theme of this season, in the bag design and material selection are also suede tassels as the main theme. Encrusted retro elements of earth colors nostalgic dip bucket bag, printed dress with exaggerated, so that the overall style attributed to one, filling low-key luxury.

Emporio Armani– Mini Bag
Speaking handbag field, really elusive, fast-paced changes of people overwhelmed, now shoulder, hand bags have been insufficient to meet the trend of people chasing the pace of fashion, and in Emporio Armani2015 Winter Fashion Week Mini Bag Cross Empty born, cute bag hanging at the waist, not only can incorporate small trivial things, but also a good accessory.

Anya Hindmarch– signs handbags
Remember Anya Hindmarch2014 soar in the “snack bag” it? Funny novelty shapes so many actresses love it in the fall and winter 2015 fashion week, Anya Hindmarch again force, the “under construction”, “safe exit”, “recyclable” and so the signs printed on handbags, holding a handbag so you can make sure to steal the show.

Ukluxuryhandbags.co.uk – Celine 2015 Winter Series

Celine Handbags – www.ukluxuryhandbags.co.uk

Phoebe Philo design Celine outlet, we really need to savor, holding the attitude of looking for trends to see it, you might not find much surprise, but it is so, Phoebe Philo’s design is precisely what we need most of the current design She insisted self, created a lot of new and interesting things, even if some seem lackluster style, because of the sheer ductility can also evolve into a fashionable personality, such as the knitted dress, ordinary tight knit sweaters, especially the structure of the upper body does not seem there is no eye-catching colors, but then extended to just the right length, hem and irregular vibe, while a very good selection of fabrics, are creating a high level of fashion sense . More powerful approach is to change the structure of the upper body knitted sweaters, plus a cone bras in bold and avant-garde, it is a new era of women to please their psychological needs.

Celine replica 2015 autumn and winter women’s collection, given the overall living conditions of women loose and free, except for the aforementioned transformation knit sweater, I am most appreciative of Phoebe Philo relatively good shape silhouette, including that of two similar tooling jumpsuit style, soft but there is a sense of fabric hanging along showing the ultimate smooth lines, the middle of the ultra-deep neckline cut and mix inside also showed wonderful segmentation.

Celine replica handbags section has also been good, this strap bag, oversized Totes, “fishnet” Clutch presumably will become a hot single product. Strap package has more than one or two brands do, seems to be the designers tried to manufacture under a popular spot.

Mulberry British craftsmanship festival celebrating British creativity


England international brand Mulberry replica handbags custom imprinted British flag Cara Delevingne package, participation and creative British festival. To pay tribute to the classic Mulberry leather craft, the exhibition Mulberry bag with the iconic oak natural leather to create color.

Cara Delevingne cooperation package designed by British model Cara Delevingne and Mulberry. It combines three functions in a Mulberry handbag convey both aesthetic and practical English style, and Cara’s own unique personality. Aims to accompany you to any place, Cara diverse ways to wear the package, can be used as a backpack, shoulder replica handbags UK or a bag with handle. Production sites Cara Delevingne package in the UK Somerset, at the bottom of each bag can be found in this proud symbol of the brand, the inspiration for this approach comes from Cara foot “British made” tattoo.

Mulberry outlet is committed to maintaining its “British made” historical roots. The first product in Somerset Mulberry founder Roger Saul produced by the family, after four years of development and expansion, where the workshop is still the core of the brand: over 50% of the Mulberry bag from The Rookery is located Chilcompton’s Workshop, or Bridgewater near The Willows Workshop in 700 skillful craftsmen.

As a business, Mulberry need a strong and high technology team to continue its British-made sophisticated technology, and then into the future.2006 Mulberry launched an apprenticeship program to train the next generation of craftsmen; and working with local Bridgewater College offers diplomas leather craft. The program was a huge success, has been 80 young apprentices completed this course.

Mulberry Workshop in the UK will always be the core of the brand, and represents an important part of the company investment.

Zooey Deschanel Debuts Her Adorkable In A Cute Chanel Handbags

Zooey Deschanel announced back in January that she was expecting an adorkable little manic pixie dream replica handbags UK, and while there are still a few months to go before we figure out what flower or musical instrument she names the handbags after – I am betting $50 on Piccolo Rose –she’s back making the publicity rounds for New Girl and debuting a perfectly adorable handbags bump.

I would not have thought that Zooey Deschanel could physically get any cuter, but the handbags bump does it. She looks great. Deschanel appeared last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and before her appearance she was spotted going into the studio wearing striped ballet flats, a pair of dark maternity jeans, and a cute seersucker Chanel handbags with some nautical features that looked both cute and comfortable, which is always a win for maternity dressing. She also had a Chanel flap bag that looks pretty beat up for Chanel replica UK, and just goes to show that apparently Deschanel actually uses her designer gear and doesn’t treat it with kid gloves.

On Kimmel’s show, Deschanel revealed that she has not yet learned the handbags’s sex, which does not help us eliminate options from the handbags name pool, but will make for a better surprise when she finally does make the announcement. In the meantime, according to E! Online Deschanel is aggravated by the very annoying pregnancy diet.

Photographer Tyler Shields Feeds $100,000 Crocodile Hermes Birkin Replica Bag To Alligator


Beauty hurts, but this fashion stunt bites. And somehow, we have a feeling is not going to be happy with this fashion risk.

As if setting a Birkin replica handbags on fire wasn’t enough, the latest stunt from photographer Tyler Shields won’t make animal lovers happy. In a move that is not quite cannibalism, but definitely not quite kosher, Shields, a well-known “celebrity photographer and Birkin destroyer,” feeds a crocodile Hermes Birkin bag to an alligator.

In the video below, Shields photographs the alligator biting into the crocodile purse while actress Ana Mulvoy-Ten feeds the animal the bag. In later shots, she even goes in for a bite herself, prompting Shields to tells Daily Mail that he and the model were “inches from death at any moment.”

The Hermes replica handbags, which apparently took Shields seven months to obtain, is worth $100,000 and now completely covered in gator bites.

We’re not quite sure what Shields was thinking when he set out to do this photo shoot for his latest art installment, but we’re pretty sure The Gloss nailed it with this fantastic headline: “If Destroying Birkins Won’t Make This Photographer Famous, Maybe Getting A Model’s Face Bitten Off Will.”