Louis Vuitton replica is Finally Discontinuing Murakami’s Monogram Multicolor Line

Louis Vuitton replica Uk
Louis Vuitton replica Uk

It’s the end of an replica handbag Uk era. Late last week, Women’s Wear Daily broke the news that after a dozen years in continuous production, Louis Vuitton would be ending its Monogram Multicolore line for good. The line was the last of the brand’s popular collaborations with artist Takashi Murakami to still be manufactured, and it’ll be gone from stores by the end of July.

If you weren’t aware that Louis Vuitton replica Uk was still making the line, which feature Louis Vuitton replica’s signature monogram motifs in bright colors set against either black or white backgrounds, you’re not alone. A quick survey of the PurseBlog office indicated that most of us thought the line had already been discontinued; I was only aware of its continued existence because I accidentally bumped into one of the bags on Louis Vuitton‘s website last month while looking for something else. Vuitton has been taking a steadily more discreet track under creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere, and Monogram Multicolore is one of the last vestiges of predecessor Marc Jacobs’ splashier aesthetic.

Monogram multicolore bags and accessories were a mainstay of the early-2000s It Bag era. The replica bags rose to prominence even outside of fashion circles because they were popular with early aughts paparazzi magnets like Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. With celebrity gossip sites exploding around the Internet, the bags sometimes felt omnipresent.

The press eventually moved on, though, and so did many shoppers, but an edited version of the line has been available ever since, if you know where to look. The Louis vuitton replica handbags are no longer displayed in stores and haven’t been for some time, but WWD reports that shoppers will still be able to request to see pieces from boutiques’ stock rooms through the end of the month.

A selection of the bags are also still available for purchase online, if you’re still in the market for one.