Chinese yuan minder waard: dag Prada Replica Handbags ?

Prada Replica Handbags -
Prada Replica Handbags –

So far we have been sellers of Prada Replica Handbags shares on the basis that turning around its fortunes in leather goods in Asia would be a slow and bumpy process. But given the magnitude of year-to-date underperformance and the prospect of the situation becoming less bad in 2H, we think it is time to be less negative on the stock, hence our upgrade to Sector Perform.

De Chinese yuan is minder waard dan gisteren, en gisteren was de munt minder waard dan eergisteren. Dat klinkt als slecht nieuws, maar is dat ook zo?

Betaalde je eergisteren nog 15 eurocent voor 1 yuan, vandaag betaal je nog maar 14 eurocent. Dat lijkt een klein verschil, maar het heeft positieve gevolgen voor de Chinese export. Die producten worden voor ons goedkoper, dus kopen we meer.

De daling is het werk van de Chinese centrale bank. Die vindt het prima dat de munt wegzakt, omdat het de Chinese economie juist een boost kan geven. “Een welkome stap”, noemt het IMF het. “Ze hopen dat de export een boost krijgt”, legt Peter Ho uit, hoogleraar Chinese Economie en Ontwikkeling aan de universiteit Delft.

Luxe merken in een dip

Maar het tegenovergestelde gebeurt daardoor in Amerika en Europa. China is een grote speler op de wereldmarkt, en de afgelopen jaren hebben Chinezen ook veel geld uitgegeven in het Westen. Aan luxe merken bijvoorbeeld. Maar die worden voor de Chinezen op deze manier duurder, dus moeilijker aan te schaffen. Niet gek dus dat na de bekendmaking van de waardevermindering van de yuan, de aandelen van luxe westerse merken als Ralph Lauren, Gucci Replica, BMW, Swatch en Prada Replica Uk aanzienlijk daalden.

– Earnings momentum is set to improve in 2H and in 2016: 1Q15 should have marked the lowest point of the year in terms of sales decline and margin erosion. We see momentum getting less bad: 1) from a sales perspective: after same store sales growth (SSSG) down c8% in Q1, we forecast SSSG down 4% in Q2, flat in 2H and up 4% in 2016E on easier comparatives, 2) from a margin perspective: profitability is likely to have remained under pressure in Q2 but headwinds should be less severe than in Q1 thanks to phasing of A&P, diminishing hedging headwinds and moderating opex inflation in 2H.

– Sentiment is near all-time lows: We feel that investor sentiment reached rock-bottom levels post Q1. Consensus has already adjusted to lower levels than management guidance. Short interest increased further to near 70%: Prada’s limited free float (20%) and the fact that its two biggest shareholders own 6% of the company explain such a high level.

– Long-term margin recovery potential: we still believe in the long-term appeal of the Prada brand replica handbags and see a normalised margin materially higher than today’s profitability once Prada bags gets its mojo back.

Luxury brand Prada announced multi-region-based price adjustment plan to Replica handbags

Recently, the luxury brand Prada replica announced a number of areas, including the price adjustment comprising Chinese, clothing, Replica handbags, etc. are all part of the main commodities price ranks. It is reported that about 80% of the price adjustment relates to products, mainly Replica handbagss, women did not participate in price, there is a small amount of jewelry involved in price. Price is no uniform price cut, different styles of varying magnitudes commodity prices, the star product BN2274 killer package dropped from 18,300 yuan 16,300 yuan, down 2,000 yuan, a drop of 11%. Since March, the luxury brand in China set off a wave of massive price.

Italian luxury brand Prada brewing make price cuts, may not only Chanel, Dior price move, the selling pressure behind it are bad performance to tape. Hong Kong media exposed the Prada Group earnings report period, the management conference call with investors in Asia, the price mentioned in brewing.

It is reported that director of global consumer and retail HSBC revealed, Prada executives suggest that the price of the plan, saying “there is indeed room for price cuts in Asia”, and said that if any price adjustments will be announced after two weeks, and the Throughout Asia, price action will only exclude Japan. In addition, Central Europe and Chanel different pricing strategy, Prada will not be price increases in Europe.

Prada The price cut in time for the 2014 annual results released during data exposed, it was not reminiscent of its business dilemma. Data show that in fiscal year 2014 net profit fell 28.2%, sales fell 1 percent, operating profit fell 16.5%, the wholesale channel and direct channel revenues fell 4% and 0.5%, respectively. Amid the sound of falling surfaced is the hardest hit performance – accounted for 35.7% of group sales share of the Asian market. Its sales fell 4.5% at constant exchange rates.

In this regard, it serves network CEO Jiwen Hong believes that due to the rapid development of the Internet, making information flow unimpeded unprecedented global parity increasingly popular. What we do know is that some of the top luxury brands as well as some watch brands have long been making price adjustments unity worldwide. Continue to maintain regular prices, or keeping up with the trend of prices has become a phenomenon of polarization. Due to some objective factors, such as rising costs, some of the brand and there is no way in a short time to do follow the trend of prices, on the sidelines of the stage. There are some brands insist on not price, due to limited production, process Hundred Years strict requirements, adhere slowly and deliberately, even if the price can not bring sales prices.

Jiwen Hong added that for luxury goods, in addition to the issue price is the regional differences in product selection and production capacity, even if prices drop, these problems will continue to exist. Just ahead of a global network serves the same price, and the difference in the area of ​​election materials and genuine global stock share has been done seven years of efforts in various parts of Europe and the establishment of a unique and highly efficient supply and distribution systems to keep up with Europe and synchronization New. Number of overseas businessmen in-depth cooperation in more than 600, exclusive of nearly 200, more than 80% of the retail price of goods is lower than in Hong Kong, 65% of the goods is less than the United States and the United Kingdom retail price.

It is understood that, as early as the end of last year, Prada group’s strategy for mass consumption has long been clues. It says future plans to increase the price of the euro in 1000-1200 entry-level and high-end products priced at 2500-2700 euro make additions to a broader consumer-oriented groups. Experts also said that the luxury sector, Prada prices will to some extent affect the brand image, perhaps the overall positioning will no longer cold after high brand price.

Luxury prices
March 18, Chanel replica announced in Chinese mainland official price drop of 10% to 20%. Chanel said the price adjustment to narrow each market spreads against purchasing market. Analysts believe that Chanel’s price trend will lead to lower prices of the luxury goods industry.
3 months late, Dior, Patek Philippe, LVMH Group watch brand TAG HEUER and other luxury line, top watches have joined the ranks of lower prices, the highest price cut to 40%.
May 20, Gucci replica handbags store discounts, some of the goods up to 50% off.
In July, after rumors will have to cut in Asia Prada finally joined the army to cut prices in order to reduce the domestic market and overseas market spreads.

Is The $200 Designer Replica Handbags Over?

Christmas gift of replica handbags Uk online store,High quality cheap designer handbags on sale,latest 2015 designer replica handbags under discounts.
Christmas gift of replica handbags Uk online store,High quality cheap designer handbags on sale,latest 2015 designer replica handbags under discounts.

Designer bags: To some, that means an ultra-luxury It style, be it a Celine Trapeze or Phantom, say, or a Birkin (although maybe we need an alternate name for that Hermès style these days). But how about styles in the $200 to $350 range, sporting recognizable logos, branded bag bling, and/or a telltale label that says, “Why, yes, this is a boxy, basic microfiber Kate Spade purse”? The mid-range designer bag might be on the outs, according to Business Insider.

For the teen set, Michael Kors replica handbags Uk are now at the top of birthday, bat mitzvah, and sweet-sixteen lists, per a semiannual survey of teens by Piper Jaffray, as Bloomberg Business reported in April. The teen-handbag-lust hierarchy in 2015 is, in descending order: Michael Kors, Coach, and Kate Spade.

TRG’s duty-free shops will feature renowned international retail brands such as Ferragamo, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Lancôme and Burberry. The shops will sell a variety of goods—clothing, cosmetics, electronics, leather goods, jewelry, handbags, wine and spirits, specialty foods and more.

Local brands such as Bohlin Company western wear with Texas roots dating back to 1920, world-renowned Fort Worth distiller TX Whiskey and native Texas artist James Surls will also feature. A unique sculpture by Surls will suspend over the central store to give shoppers a true Texas welcome.

But even though Kors is the top pick for what teens (and plenty of grown-ups) want, sales fell 5.8% percent earlier this year — the brand’s first decline since going public in 2011 — causing its shares to drop nearly 50%. A few possible reasons for those glum numbers: Kors’ various lines cannibalizing one another (which some believe also happened at Coach), brand fatigue, and the production of way too much inventory that didn’t match demand.

Meanwhile, next-level aspirational bags — the designer handbags that some graduate to after Kors or Coach, like a Vuitton monogram or an ostentatious Gucci replica Uk number — have seen declines, because today’s consumer wants more subtle indicators of wealth, according to the Washington Post. Equally tony but more quietly luxe labels like Bottega Veneta and Miu Miu are succeeding where more overt “I paid a lot for this bag” brands aren’t.

Even if the affordable-ish, highly recognizable designer replica handbags is over, the appetite for gateway designer bags isn’t just going to disappear. Not everyone is in desperate pursuit of a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag or another north-of-$500 style — and, frankly, most people aren’t looking to spend that kind of money on a single item, period. A not-very-recognizable, mid-priced, super-popular designer bag might sound oxymoronic, but after seeing one too many bling-y gold bag fobs and patterned canvas logos everywhere, we’re rooting for it to happen.

Bag of the Week: Alexander Wang Mini Rockie Replica Handbags

Designer Replica Handbags -
Designer Replica Handbags –

Alexander Wang has followed in the footsteps of many brands by again shrinking an already shrunken version of one of his most popular replica bags Uk, but don’t worry; you can actually fit stuff in this one.

It’s hard to believe Alexander Wang has been around for 10 years, but in preparation for celebrating a decade in business, the brand has been getting a little bit nostalgic. Shoppers can vote for their favorite runway looks to be reissued on Wang’s official site, but if bags are more your style, there’s still plenty of nostalgia to go around, and all of it’s in Wang’s signature dark palette.

Alexander Wang‘s been remarkably proficient at turning out popular replica handbags Uk since the beginning of his brand, and bag lovers who have been watching for a while will recognize all of the styles below as some of his earliest successes. This season, they’ve been reimagined with hidden, tonal black hardware, which gives them an updated feel that jibes with the minimalism that’s so popular in the accessories industry today.

The craze over Balenciaga Motorcycle Fake Bags took hold strong around in the mid-2000s, when the quest to hunt down the perfect color, season and leather hit an all-time high. Bubblegum, Magenta, Apple Green and Seafoam were color finds that haunted collectors, and they still do to this day.

Replica Bags Uk -
Replica Bags Uk –

The frenzy over colors has since died down a bit in the intervening years, but it doesn’t change the fact that Balenciaga releases some of the most brilliant colors and best leathers. Maldives is the latest shade to catch my eye, and I simply love it.

I typically avoid light colors like this; it’s a little too blue, a little too playful. I ended up seeing this designer replica handbags, though, and deciding it would look dreamy against summer whites, tans, and greys. The Balenciaga City Metallic Edge in Maldives also has the gold metal accents Balenciaga introduced a few seasons ago, and I’ve come to love it.

The color is soft, and while you may think it would only work with summer colors, I’ve included a picture from Net-a-Porter with a darker outfit to show how it looks against a different palette. This color may never match the obsession of some of the early Balenciaga colors, but it sure is pretty.