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Hermes Replica Handbags – a country with 178 years of history of the French fashion brand, and now has become a manufacturer of luxury leather goods, household goods, clothing, scarves and other supplies. Hermes Replica UK witnessed the demand for luxury goods from different years, thrive in the wave era. Is such a red-hot brand, there are some few people know of interesting bean knowledge, let us get to know the Hermes from the other side of it.

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The first brand leather designer replica handbags 1922 by the son émile-Maurice personally made. This is simply because his wife complained that she did not find in the whole of Paris are one of her favorite handbag. Birkin bag and Hermes Kelly bag is the most representative of two bags, respectively, Jane Birkin and GraceKelly named after. But only a few people know, Kelly bag outset not to send kelly.

Kelly bag beginning in 1935 with “Sac à dépêches” the name was put on the market, and then in 1956 because of a well-known photograph, Hermes decided to rename this replica bag. The picture is the princess of Monaco Grace Kelly bag with Sac à dépêches hide his pregnant belly already.

Fake Birkin Bag is in the Jean-Louis Dumas and Jane Birkin on the plane to London think of the name. In France you’ll see an interesting phenomenon, where the zipper is called fermeture Hermès (Hermès fasteners). This is because émile-Maurice in France will first be used on the zipper fashion people. He was awarded the exclusive rights in 1918, and the first use of the zipper on the Edward Prince of Wales golf jacket. Hermes Replica Handbags Sale orange box has become a symbol of her home, but in fact the beginning is not the case. The box itself is cream-colored, gold-plated edging, instead of the current orange with brown edging. An orange box first appeared in the Second World War, it was not the fashion brands have begun to face a shortage of raw materials, so technically orange folding box more convenient.

If there is what is most essential to Hermes, but probably the most overlooked, and that should be the showcase of. Around the world every Cheap Hermes Replica Handbags boutique will showcase offers a unique concept. Here you can display the brand with local characteristics of some of the intertwined links.

Hermes Replica Handbags Petit H Opening Of The Exhibition Shanghai (Part 2)

Continue onto the vast ocean sailing slowly coming scarf, inspired by the children play in the Luxembourg Gardens tradition of the Hermes Replica Handbags, with different fine buffalo leather and metal parts, so quiet is more elegant blue and purple silk. In addition, there is not to be missed this exhibition model works petit h maximum cabin, its roof and walls are mining calf leather outside, maroon, pink inside, the leather craftsman handmade spend 400 hours to complete, as well as additional of 80 hours to complete the repair. There is a fixed table inside the hut, made originally for the production of 12 red Designer Hermes Handbags alligator and completed. The shiny transparent door handle is wonderful ideas from the French Saint-Louis crystal Mania want.

petit h global exhibition follows the tradition, every time the city will host the Unique Style Replica Bag into the design of the exhibition space. The Shanghai exhibition, invitation-coming Chinese designers UK Replica Luxury Handbags combination Benwu Studio, carefully build a tree house lined, Living natural “forests.” Romantic and elegant charcoal black and orange tree house pan gold tiles and leaves, in very sense of conflict with color under the sun seems to penetrate the gap and shed leaves mottled Chuo shadow; specially treated wood burning irregular texture , sparked the rebirth of the natural association; handmade leather tiles and leaves the ultimate in craftsmanship to Hermes Handbags again pay tribute. Guests stroll among elegant encounter unexpected petit h each tree house creative ingenuity, as if in a noisy metropolis to find a pure land, to regain a freedom graceful nature. petit h seed began to grow one pair of materials and resources cherished heart, through its unique concept – to break the routine, to overturn the traditional, to look at things in a different perspective, filling with enthusiasm creativity, craftsmanship and infinite imagination, Hermes Handbags OUTLET adhering to interpret virtuosity and timeless creativity. Uphold the traditional process and to attain the highest quality tour, petit h is the spirit of innovation to the Replica Handbags UK again deeply tribute. In the petit h, taken from the life of every inch of materials are artists ponder meditation nourishment, behind each work has any creative imagination soar vast world. The steady stream of artists inspiration and enthusiasm, but it works in these intoxicating romantic and poetic vividly demonstrated.


petit h currently only has the world’s only fixed exhibition space for sale in Paris Left Bank store, and Hermes Handbags annual selection of two to three exhibitions organized by the city from the world, to become a close encounter we face a rare opportunity in its entirety. Since 2010, petit h has been successfully held exhibitions in New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many other cities and won praise. This year petit h exhibition first came to Shanghai China, “Hermes Handbags House” is open to the public in Shanghai on November 13 to November 29. After the piece was given a new life thrive blooming wonderful works to elegant and charming gesture awaiting your discovery and visits.

Hermes Handbags Petit H Opening Of The Exhibition Shanghai (Part 1)

A culvert Gaiaimashi all craftsmanship and heritage of the brand pursuit of the ultimate idea of hermes handbags prices? creative studio, brought his exhibition debut in Shanghai recently, some open to the material inspired extraordinary journey. Source of inspiration, extraordinary journey Hermes Handbags petit h Shanghai exhibition opening.


Over a thousand pieces of petit h from Paris workshop, meticulously designed for the Chinese market, Pierre, in the Haiaimashi home, building into a creative space full of imagination. Different material old and new, imaginative novel of exquisite artistry and creative interaction of whimsy, the collision of infinite charm, make the best use, yet inspiring. petit h born in the hands of the sixth generation of the Hermes Replica Handbags family members of Ms. Pascale Mussard. Her youth will shuttle in the Hermes Handbags workshop, as well as handicraft century collection of the ultimate pursuit of brand is her most favorite source of inspiration. Small monasteries, she spared no effort keen to collect and transform materials, and hesitate to join creation. Uphold the “material is alive” Faith, Pascale Ms. petit h was founded in 2010 and became artistic director of petit h.

Into located on Haiaimashi House floor exhibition site, covering Hermes Handbags petit h ad apparel, accessories, home decorations and each category is distributed in different regions, or whether these works transformed into a fun house decorations, such as crystal silk quality vases, alligator puppy clock, stitching leather jewelry box; Or incarnation as delicate art of the wrist, such as silk bracelets, ceramic rings, scarves stitching leather bracelet. They new vitality into the distinctive natural spaces, showing a unique charm and elegance lively Seclusion, beautiful and practical and unique. Room cloister, seen many different forms, and specifically for the Chinese market to create animal theme works. The first thing is Jun Ma wicker sculptures, works to the first “guests” Hermes Handbags – Mazhi Jing, reflecting the exquisite handmade rattan basket weaving.

Today, it located Balipangtan (Pantin) of petit h has become a gathering craftsmanship and craftsmen Hermes Handbags Creative Workshop. The interdisciplinary cooperation of the team, the integration of the Cheap Hermes Handbags craftsmanship and expertise, and invite artists and designers to work together to create. From cobbler, goldsmiths, tailors, crystal craftsmen to ceramic technology division, technology experts in various related fields brought together. Artistic dialogue thus freely to afford sublimation; traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology thus merging, surging rebirth. In this iconoclastic visionary laboratory, who is well known, never before seen or have been left out of different materials and raw materials, through the ingenuity of designers and craftsmen to create a product with carefully cut, he was injected new vitality, turned become a unique, yet full of surprising new masterpiece of passion.

Hermes replica Uk
Hermes replica Uk

East affair is a Unique Handbags simulation proportion spent 148 hours hand-finished “leather Panda” by artisans, bamboo green gloves and upright posture it appears another surging vitality, energetic. Laze in a corner of the two wanton cubs playing, cubs per head by a leather craftsman spent 40 hours hand-crafted, leather folds of its body lines lifelike. Leather-filled sponge ball, adding to their different shapes and forms, but also as sofa rest. Exhibition side stood a rabbit squatting sculpture, stare watch the guests stay. Inspired by the art of origami designer favorite, the size of the measure after a fine craftsman, every piece of leather have been sewing, polishing and waxing the edges and other technology, and perfect internal metal structure coated to achieve magnetic adsorption capabilities to suspension accessories.

Side,  giant leather pony sculpture as if to greet the guests, inspired by childhood toys button puppets, the whole pony combination of  the Cheap Replica Goods multiple parts made of fresh red and blue contrasting colors so that each part of the body pony vibrant.

MIU MIU CLUB Eclectic Handbags Post

MiuMiu Club” The name comes from the 1980s, the spirit of freedom uninhibited nightlife, which is a plastic would wear leather pencil skirt, wearing chandelier earrings shaped party girl, occasionally draped a 1950s vintage tweed jacket on the coat. I like her handbag as eclectic, provocative publicity, fully embodies the core values ​​of Miu Miu Replica Handbags UK, the classic temperament and mischievous fun display, luxury fine workmanship, and very playful, capricious blend distracted ecstatic.


MiuMiu Club” Wrap selection of handbags iconic matelassé made of leather, soft and delicate structure, and with a classic version of the Palladian style chain strap. Conservative style color design breakthrough, which uses eye-catching even a bold diagonal stripes, reminiscent of the danger signs warning signs.

Cross placed on the front of the Handbag Replica Sale second rootchain proportional band is deliberately enlarged, adding a touch of rugged overall Designer UK Replica Handbags elements – if the individual point of view, it is a piece of jewelry is not an exaggeration. “MiuMiu Replica” bag for the dress has unique insight to create sophisticated girl – she loves and knows fashion, style never prevalent custom, and the heart still retains a trace wild.

Gucci Flora latest series of single products

Yesterday, Jin Xiuxian wearing GUCCI replica 2014 latest diamond pattern suit unveiled Gucci (Gucci) Beijing store opening celebrations, and intimate attend the same stage with angelababy, as well as sister Zhang Xin Yi, Sun Xiao Xiao, Li Hui and other actresses are wearing Gucci 2014 early spring vacation series clothing celebrations to help out, it seems this Gucci (Gucci) is really the star-studded opening ceremony, sister Zhang Xin Yi and Li Hui fight more handsome of. Xiao Bian immediately and take a look at Gucci replica celebration site bar.
Not only non-human red more, more importantly, there a lot of opportunities, money a lot ah. Recently, not only to China Jin Xiuxian look around the fishing gold, more endorsements at various big events. Yesterday, Shin Kong Place in Beijing, GUCCI held to celebrate the opening of the Beijing Shin Kong flagship store grand celebration, Jin Xiuxian wearing replica GUCCI 2014 latest diamond pattern suit, take the white shirt, very handsome, help out the scene, became the focus of celebrations.

Arrived at the scene there angelababy, saw the baby was wearing a navy blue GUCCI 2014 early spring vacation series debut mini dress events, the whole shape BlingBling radiant, presumably wedding and Huang Xiaoming nearly the bar.