Fendi luxury market back to ultra high-end complex

Last week, we saw the Italian luxury brand Fendi Replica has annual sales of over 10 billion euros. CEO Pietro Beccari announced brand will return to “super high end” positioning. Does that mean the luxury market recovery? Also born designer Yin Ching also founded namesake brand was awarded the Association of French fashion couture title, becoming the first Chinese designer to receive this certification to celebrate.

Broken annual sales of 1 billion Fendi announced the return of ultra high-end

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After reposi tioning the brand, the most important highlight of handbags and accessories in fur top luxury flagship product category. The Fendi Replica Bags in July last year held their first couture show called “Fashion furs” in Paris. The company also plans to invest heavily in prominent brands of Italian descent, is located near the new headquarters of Rome Monument also officially opened 10 months.

Chinese designer Yiqing Yin as official high-set fashion

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French fashion association said in a statement that “December 16, 2015 the Department of Industrial Design custom grading committee in the French fashion association meeting also decided to grant Yin Ching brand Advanced custom title.” 30-year-old Yin Ching also born in China, who studied at the London School of Design Arts Decoratifs in Paris and the Chambre Syndicale fashion design and other three institutions, in November 2011 the first stage of Paris Fashion Week debut in 2012, has become France advanced customization Visiting members of the fashion Association.

Prada Replica Handbags Foundation held “two-sided” exhibition in Milan

Exhibition by the Prada Foundation, the Council thought plan, the current members of the Council include Shumon Basar, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Cédric Libert Dieter Roelstraete. Exhibition on December 3, 2015 to February 14, 2016 to meet with the public.

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Celine Swing package not only color but also the value of its high security

Celine Trapeze handbag in autumn 2011 launch. “Trapeze” means gymnastics or circus trapeze, it is also known as “swing bag” in Chinese, Trapeze.

Celine Trapeze series inspired by classic handbag, which combines Classic elegant square lock design, Luggage leisure large capacity wings and Cabas casual attitude. Exquisite appearance and powerful, its single-handle and shoulder strap dual-use design, will cater to the needs of women of different scenes of life, then it is in the material, color and size, there have been upgrading, calfskin and suede, snake pattern leather, wool, cotton stitching so many women could not chop hands.

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We found this bag for you personally:

– Color: Red + Blue
– Fabric: public grain suede leather
– Size: Small
– Domestic price: 17500

Conclusion: The Swing package designer replica handbags simple atmosphere, handle today is the most popular single-handle design. Front with a metal buckle on the back pocket with a zipper, large enough to plug the next iphone6Plus, the demand for anti-theft sister is very practical terms.
Description: After a test back experience with a single handle is also designed for the sister who brings some “unexpected” for the inconvenience, this inconvenience on the package reflects the large swing more obvious, for example, if the bag full of stuff open the zipper, Wrap the whole will become more difficult to control, and then to close it will take a relatively large effort (look down the street shooting Hayden airport encountered such trouble), trumpet swing package size smaller because there are a significant improvement.
Conclusion: NW trumpet swing package is 804.5g, over a bottle of 500ml and 330ml Coke listen adding lighter weight on nearly 100g. It is worth mentioning that the bottom of it does not nail the base metal, the design aspects of weight loss for the entire lot of extra points, but may need to pay more attention to prevent wear.
Conclusion: start with the looks of it, the same length trumpet swing bottom of the bag length and 500ml bottle of Coke. Because both sides of the bag body “ears” design it looks size is relatively large, but it does not hold to the next station a small notebook (such as MacBook Air 13-inch notebook computer), so I want to hold a larger computer is not possible anymore.
Conclusion: From the internal point of view, the whole bag body is opened up, the bottom piece of hard rectangular design, ensures that the entire bag body of three-dimensional, but no internal compartment, but with two pockets inside (feels relatively hard very texture), small objects can be hand cream lipstick bus card and other classified dispensing.
Conclusion: Swing handle bag with shoulder strap bag habit to meet different girls, in the design of the swing handle and shoulder strap design package for a single buckle, this design is also very rare and unique.
Conclusion: The ears on both sides of each body bag swing a button, the button is not just a simple decorative effect, it can buckle up, buckle up and do not swing replica bag uk buckle bag swing in shape or slightly difference (swing package, according to the back of positive figure in makeup photos to wear buttons do not buckle button after swing package), and anti-theft feature pack wear swing button on the great!
Conclusion: The Swing package design on the buckle is also very hard, you need to first open the outermost layer metal buckle, then rotate inside the metal buckle can buckle completely open, so locking design in bag design rarely see Xiao Bian feeling of being safe letting index improved it!
Conclusion: The Swing package provides at least three back method, the length of the strap is not adjustable, but the height in 155cm-175cm interval sister back up and have no sense of violation, but is more compact and lightweight.

Beckham son to shoot the latest ads Brit fragrances

Brit perfume series, the latest ad by the Brooklyn Beckham Zhang Jing shooting. He also took on the same day the official Burberry Instagram account, online publishing a static image. Burberry Weibo account will also share in real-time ad large live pictures.

Burberry Replica Handbags Snapshot account Fans can also watch online 24 hours London Burberry Brit perfume series large ad shoot.

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The ad large panorama taken in London, photographed stars including British fashion rookie Ben Rees, Lewis Helim, Todd Dorigo, Eliza Thomas, Liv Mason Pearson, Maddie Demaine, Carvell Conduah and Harry Pourdjis.

Today’s scene is shot in Brooklyn as Burberry Brit perfume series large advertising photographers debut. Following on Instagram platform publishing images, more large advertising picture will debut in June of brand stores and digital platform, complete with a new style of presenting the brand Brit fragrances.

Beckham family’s eldest son Brooklyn Beckham this year, only 16 years old, but already dominate the fashion world after the brother Romeo. According to reports indicate, Brooklyn Beckham will shoot the latest Burberry perfume ads, the brand in the social network recently confirmed the news, of course, this cooperation is not just as simple as spokesperson from Brooklyn to shoot the first Cheap Replica Handbags perfume ad in a large and Instagram Snapchat live on. To know the spring and summer and also filmed Burberry2013 Burberry Christmas advertising before Romeo, it seems that two brothers ready to Burberry contracted.

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Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey and Chief Executive Officer, said: “Brooklyn has a very unique composition vision, Instagram excellent platform to show his work. His photographic style and attitude is exactly what we need, aptly demonstrates the essence of the new series of ads large Brit perfume. I really like today shooting the scene, it seems incredible. ”

Burberry has long been committed to supporting British rookie creative, original music by Burberry Acoustic, T-Taiwan show, brand new awards events and other activities as they create opportunities to show personal works and platforms around the film, fashion, music and stage.

Burberry Brit perfume series is currently available in Burberry.com, Replica handbags uk shops and retail outlets worldwide and Burberry.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 Ad Campaign

Recently, many big names have 2016 spring and summer advertising impressions, from creative to gorgeous aesthetic, had mixed feelings, whether Lafayette personally Zhang Jing, supermodel or special leave, each is well-intentioned. We together Quest mystery behind the camera, and see Chanel Replica Handbags Uk, Louis Vuitton ads is how these big shot.

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Recently Chanel 2016 spring and summer series of ads by the large model rookie Mica Arganaraz, Lineisy Montero common interpretation, of course, as usual, to be Karl Lagerfeld Lafayette personally Zhang Jing! Blockbuster “City West” in the title, on the streets of New York Liu Yizhuo gentle sun, Carl is showing us his ideal travel attire: but exudes femininit  y modern style, both comfortable, elegant and stylish, then decorated with practical accessories to fully meet the needs of global travel.

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Recently Louis Vuitton 2016 New Cheap Replica Handbags spring and summer series of ads Special “series four” large exposure, according to creative director Nicolas Nicolas Ghesquiere virtual video game inspiration, brand unexpectedly chose video games “final fantasy XIII final fantasy” Lightning Thunder in the starring role, she is also the first in recent years, high fashion brand endorsement virtual characters. How, so that cross-border cooperation is not completely shocked by the designer’s creativity!

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Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 Ad Campaign released a complete line-up, ‘Series 4’ by the creation of three photographers were completed, “Final Fantasy” virtual character Lightning, and Juergen Teller Zhang Jing from the Chinese model Fernanda Ly, South Korean actress Bae Doona outside, Rianne van Rompaey, Jean Campbell and will Smith’s son Jaden Smith appeared by Bruce Weber Zhang Jing street style ad.