The best part of the Fendi show wasn’t the replica bags

Gigi Hadid, left, and other models walked in the Fendi show at Milan Fashion Week.

MILAN — Everyone goes to Fendi outlet in search of the next “it” bag. So it came as a huge surprise to onlookers at its Milan Fashion Week show on Thursday that the replica bags played second fiddle to the models’ lips and ’dos.

Gigi Hadid was the first model to walk down the runway with the eye-catching makeup and rockin’ hair. Her lips were covered in rose-colored glitter, which, according to Allure, took makeup artist Peter Philips four steps to apply. More glitter pieces made the models equal parts pretty and tough — inner and outer black eyeliner helped, too.

If the hair accessories look very familiar, that’s because they are the same multi-color studs that decorate Fendi’s famous replica bags and straps. Hairstylist Sam McKnight peppered them throughout a variety of pulled-back hair styles (half up to slick back), and they stood out nearly as much as the glitter lips.

It was the beauty highlight of the day — and I’m certain you’ll be seeing Fendi replica sparkly lips and Fendi embellished hair in the months to come.

Replica Prada Pays Price for Slow E-commerce Strategy


Over the last 20 years Prada has taken it sweet time in selling its replica handbags, shoes and accessories online, but 2017 will see the company ramp up its investment in boosting online sales, and reducing physical stores.

It’s a trend, just in case you haven’t noticed. Many established brands, especially in the luxury division, are focusing more on its e-commerce sales and planning to go light when it comes to its bricks and mortar investment. With the rise in online shopping, they’re sluggishly learning that consumers just aren’t shopping the way they once did.

The replica Prada Group is a good example of being painfully slow to adopt e-commerce into its strategy. Since the company’s worst profits went public in 2011, it admits that people today are shopping differently than they used to. “Customers have changed deeply over the last 10 years,” says Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of Prada.

The company says it will invest further in its e-commerce operations globally and develop an omnichannel offering. “To integrate the retail and online channels, we will continue to dedicate significant resources to developing an omnichannel offer, through the rollout of our global digital platform, collaboration with e-tailers, and in-store digital integration,” it said in its full year 2016 results statement. “With this goal, we have built a new team that will bring further expertise to the Group’s digital strategy.”

The cost of the late realisation from Prada outlet about changing consumer behaviour comes following the company’s 16% decline in profits to US $295 million in its 2016 financial statements, with its brandsMiu Miu, Church’s and Car Shoe getting hit badly from decreasing Chinese demand and an over investment in its physical retail offering there.

As part of its turnaround strategy, Prada has unveiled a digital ad campaign that will focus on younger consumers and a shift towards closing stores and having its entire selection of luxury merchandise sold on its e-commerce platform.

In support of this, Prada has hired the services of Chiara Tosto, ex-commercial director at Mediaset in Milan, who will lead the new digitally focused team and the Group further into e-commerce territory. This will involve building new e-commerce platforms for replica Prada and Miu Miu, and making each brand’s entire product selection available for purchase online.

Australia will be one of the countries that replica Prada Group will invest in expanding localised e-commerce platforms, with New Zealand, China, Korea and Russia part of their list of five. “Providing a more consistent experience online, based on our DNA, is a priority,” according to Bertelli.

Even with its limited e-commerce capabilities, Prada replica has still managed to successfully build its brand identity online, and there’s no doubt that CRM experienced Tosato in charge will help the brand to improve its online offering, with both look and feel, and streamline e-commerce logistics as well.