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Nicholas Kirkwood Dips Into replica Handbags With Bulgari

The collaboration is Kirkwood’s first since his brand was acquired in 2013 by LVMH — the same parent company as Bulgari — and represents an opportunity to expand into accessories beyond footwear.

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While the footwear designer is no stranger to such partnerships — he has created shoes for Erdem, Roksanda and Peter Pilotto — this is his first collaboration since his brand was acquired in 2013 by luxury conglomerate LVMH, the same parent company as Bulgari.

“We’re a very different company than we were before,” says Kirkwood. “The last couple of years we’ve had a lot of reorganisation, and now I’m at the point where I’d like to work on more collaborations… For me, it was [an opportunity] to work on another product.”

The replica handbags, which will be priced upwards of £1,990 (around $2,600), is inspired by Bulgari’s signature “Serpenti Forever” motif. “Although we’re very different kinds of brands, there are a lot of similarities in the codes that we use,” he says. “I wanted there to be this slightly more contemporary London feel about the collection, but still execute it in a very Bulgari way.”

Kirkwood added that he hopes to explore the possibility of offering more than footwear in the future from his namesake brand.

EXCLUSIVE: How British tourists buying counterfeit replica handbags in Dubai are funding Kim Jong-un’s nuclear missile program

British tourists have been warned against buying counterfeit luxury goods in Dubai because they could be funding North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and his nuclear missile program. Experts say many of the fake handbags, purses and Rolex watches on sale in ‘secret shops’ in Dubai are believed to be have been counterfeited in North Korea. The industry is worth millions of pounds and brings in desperately needed hard currency for the Pyongyang regime.

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The UN Security Council has begun drawing up even tighter sanctions after North Korea conducted its fifth and biggest missile test last week. South Korea accused Kim Jong-un of ‘maniacal recklessness’ and the North Korean ambassador to London was called to the Foreign Office to be told how seriously Britain viewed the test as a breach of the non-proliferation treaty. Thousands of tourists from Britain and other Western countries visit Dubai every year and many end up being lured to hidden Aladdin’s Caves full of items which are the spitting image of the genuine articles.

A Mail Online reporter visited the Al Karama market area in downtown Dubai recently and, after dropping several hints, was told a car would pick him up and take him to a secret location.The shopkeeper said the police checked his premises every day and he could not risk keeping counterfeit goods on display.

The reporter was whisked away to an anonymous block of flats and taken up to the third floor.There the door to a non-descript apartment opened onto a veritable Aladdin’s Cave with Fendi, Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton replica handbags and purses on display along with imitation Rolex watches and other luxury items.

The quality of counterfeiting was exceptional and only an expert would have been able to tell the difference. The replica bags and replica watches were sold for a fraction of the normal price. The merchants were Iranian and, when asked where the bags were actually made, one said: ‘Korea’.

Asked if that meant North Korea, he replied: ‘Yes’. The goods are thought to be brought to Dubai from North Korea via Iran, which is just on the other side of the Straits of Hormuz, although it is not clear if the authorities in Tehran are involved.

Luxury replica handbags join China’s super-hot sharing economy

First there were car rides and bicycle hires. Then basketballs, umbrellas and mobile-phone chargers entered China’s “sharing economy”. Looking to cash in on this rising trend, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to get people comfortable with sharing an increasing variety of items.

And at least one of them has decided it is time for luxury replica handbags to enter the fray, despite the continuing availability of high-quality counterfeits in China.

High-end handbags from top-tier luxury brands ranging from Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Hermes and Prada to Louis Vuitton are now available for rent on a platform called “Dou Bao Bao”, which literally means “show off your replica handbags” in Mandarin. The platform, launched last month, is built on WeChat, China’s smash-hit chat app, and transactions are supported by WeChat Pay, one of the two big digital wallets in the country.

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It could be a tempting proposition, especially for moderately well-off women who long for the lifestyles of the ultra-wealthy, as the monthly rental fees and deposits are considerably less than the original prices of luxury handbag.

Among the 15 brands on Dou Bao Bao’s shelves, Gucci’s Dionysus GG Supreme canvas hobo is the most reachable, costing only 99 yuan (US$14.50) per month with a deposit of 999 yuan. It sells for 7,500 yuan in the shops.

Meanwhile the rental ceiling is claimed by Chanel’s Le Boy shoulder bag, which costs 1,878 yuan per month and a deposit of 19,000 yuan, for a  total equivalent to half of the retail price.

Besides the relatively low prices, Dou Bao Bao pledges that every handbag is 100% authentic, to combat a major concern for Chinese consumers, that they might be lent a fake product.

Though rental of luxury goods is already popular in the United States, Japan and the UK, it seems the business model just found its way to China by riding the heat of the sharing economy.

“Some luxury leasing companies overseas are growing very fast. They have strong profitability as well as a large [number] of paying users, and their valuation varies between US$100 million and $500 million,” Cheng Kaiwen, the founder of Dou Bao Bao, told the Securities Daily. “From this perspective, the capital market is optimistic about luxury sharing.”

The company is trying to send out a clear message that it wants to make luxury brands available to every young Chinese woman. However, before its arrival, some women had already found a way to lay claim to the lifestyle of the super-rich, via exquisite knockoffs.

“The demand for well-made counterfeits of luxury replica handbags has been growing in the past few years because of the improvement of people’s sense of esthetics,” said a vendor whose family name is Wang and who has run a wholesale handbag store called Pin Ou in the XBM International Clothing Wholesale City in Shenzhen for about seven years. “Whenever the big brands launch new [products], people come and ask if there are counterfeits ready.”

Wang thinks it is hard to tell whether the luxury sharing model will take away the consumers who once nourished the fake-bag industry in the future, but she believes high-quality knockoffs will still have their place. “Handbags outlet are very personal. Some women may not be willing to use a second-hand bag, or to say it has been in multiple hands.”

Bloomie’s Thieves Try Using Stolen Cards to Buy $42K Chanel replica Purses: NYPD

UPPER EAST SIDE — Four Queens residents were caught trying to purchase more than $42,000 in designer replica handbags from Bloomingdale’s with stolen credit cards on the same day, according to the NYPD.

In the first incident, two women, Zihong Yuan, 22 and Ting Ting Zhao, 21, and a male teen walked into the department store at 1000 Third Ave., at 59th Street, on Thursday just after 3 p.m. and grabbed nine Chanel replica handbags worth a total of $36,315, authorities said said.

All three of them tried using stolen credit cards to buy the bags but were busted at checkout, police said.

During a  search, Zhao was also found with a controlled substance in glassine envelopes inside her purse, authorities said.

All three were charged with grand larceny, identity theft and criminal possession of stolen property, and Zhao was additionally charged with criminal drug possession, police said.

About an hour later, another Queens woman whom police said was unrelated to the trio tried using a fake credit card to buy two Chanel bags valued at $6,400, police said.

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Liangyu Zhu, 42, was charged with grand larceny, six counts of possession of a forged instrument and criminal possession of stolen property, authorities said.

Other notable incidents in this week’s blotter from the 19th Precinct include:

A shoplifter threatened a convenience store worker with a scissors and bit a drugstore employee while stealing Red Bull and other items in two separate incidents this spring, authorities said.

Joshua Smith, 21, of Lower Manhattan, was arrested last week following the April 27 robbery at a 7-Eleven and the May 7 robbery at a CVS, police said.

In the first incident, he walked into the 7-Eleven at Third Avenue and 82nd Street around 2:30 a.m. and put 16 cans of Red Bull into his bag, police said. When an employee confronted him, Smith showed him a pair of scissors and said, “Don’t come near me. I’ll smash you in the face with the scissors,” according to a criminal complaint. He then fled the scene.

In the second robbery, Smith went into the CVS at 1172 Third Ave., near 68th Street, around 6:45 a.m. and grabbed 21 packages of Trident bubble gum, 20 Monster energy drinks and 20 Red Bull energy drinks before trying leaving the store, police said. Employees followed and tried to stop him, when a 31-year-old man working on the corner stepped in to help, police said. Smith bit the 31-year-old on the hand and they both fell to the ground, where Smith hit him the man on the right side of his face. The victim suffered cuts to his hand and face, and Smith ran south on Third Avenue, police said.

Detectives eventually tracked Smith down and arrested him at the 19th Precinct on June 27, police said.

At his arraignment, he was charged with robbery, petit larceny and possession of stolen property, court records show. The judge set his bail at $10,000 cash or $20,000 bond. His attorney did not immediately return a call for comment.

Elderly get to give back with Mim & Ray replica handbags

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Every Tuesday, a group of ladies gather for lunch at Kleinlife senior center in Northeast Philly around noon. After getting properly fueled up, they form a knitting circle. And they knit their little hearts out – for pay and to help the less fortunate and disabled.

“I learned I loved to crochet, and it gets me through the long nights,” said Katalin Willner, 83, a Holocaust survivor who now helps knit panels for Mim & Ray purses, a new luxury replica handbag line that donates proceeds to Kleinlife senior centers.

“The profit they are paying us, and the rest goes to the senior center,” Willner said. “I’m happy I can make a few extra dollars, and I’m helping other people who really need it.”

Ranging from $300 to $3,000, the purses were on display and available for pre-order for fall at a recent Rittenhouse Hotel launch with some VIP senior knitters as the stars.

“We did not get paid for the panels in the beginning,” said one of the VIPs, Mickie Levin, 85, of Philadelphia. “They told us it was for the designer replica handbags, and there were four or five of us willing to do it. After about six or seven months, they began paying us.”

In January 2016, Mim & Ray started out with six knitters. “Now we have 35,” said Toby Strogatz, the significant other of Stephen Klein, whose family began KleinLife.

“When they first started, we were trying to figure out how to pay them and spoke to lawyers and had an accounting firm come and decide what was fair. We pay them by the inch – 25 cents an inch. Six or seven months ago, we began paying them, and before that, we were compensating them by gift cards, etc. We had to go through a process to make sure it’s fair for everyone, including a 10 percent licensing fee, and all proceeds go to Kleinlife,” she said.

The knitters get paid by the panel with a sliding scale.

“Once a month, we get paid. If they’re little, I can make two to three an hour every week. I think you can make from $200 to $400 a month,” said Levin.

Willner, who was also at the launch, said productivity varies widely.

“People do two to three pieces at a time, and I can do one and a half,” she said. “They said it doesn’t make a difference how many you make – not everyone is fast.”

While the ladies got to model the replica handbags in photos for publicity purposes, none of the seniors currently have one.
“We don’t even own a bag,” she said at the event. “I never asked for it, but they never offered me a bag.”

Levin echoes her response.

“I don’t think they are going to give us a $700 handbag, but I would love one. I think they are beautiful. They came out very nice, and I’m very pleased with the panels made,” she said Levin.

No one has a bag yet, according to Strogatz, because everything at the launch party was pre-ordered.

“Nobody will receive orders until the beginning of August,” she said.

Will the knitters receive a handbag after all their hard work?

“We have a luncheon and custom knitting totes coming up. I didn’t think about that yet – that’s a good question. There’s so much going on and so many moving parts, there’s so much to do,” she said. We don’t have a lot of people working, including our project manager. But I’m sure all of the knitters will get a leather bag.”