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Luxury replica handbags join China’s super-hot sharing economy

First there were car rides and bicycle hires. Then basketballs, umbrellas and mobile-phone chargers entered China’s “sharing economy”. Looking to cash in on this rising trend, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to get people comfortable with sharing an increasing variety of items.

And at least one of them has decided it is time for luxury replica handbags to enter the fray, despite the continuing availability of high-quality counterfeits in China.

High-end handbags from top-tier luxury brands ranging from Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Hermes and Prada to Louis Vuitton are now available for rent on a platform called “Dou Bao Bao”, which literally means “show off your replica handbags” in Mandarin. The platform, launched last month, is built on WeChat, China’s smash-hit chat app, and transactions are supported by WeChat Pay, one of the two big digital wallets in the country.

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It could be a tempting proposition, especially for moderately well-off women who long for the lifestyles of the ultra-wealthy, as the monthly rental fees and deposits are considerably less than the original prices of luxury handbag.

Among the 15 brands on Dou Bao Bao’s shelves, Gucci’s Dionysus GG Supreme canvas hobo is the most reachable, costing only 99 yuan (US$14.50) per month with a deposit of 999 yuan. It sells for 7,500 yuan in the shops.

Meanwhile the rental ceiling is claimed by Chanel’s Le Boy shoulder bag, which costs 1,878 yuan per month and a deposit of 19,000 yuan, for a  total equivalent to half of the retail price.

Besides the relatively low prices, Dou Bao Bao pledges that every handbag is 100% authentic, to combat a major concern for Chinese consumers, that they might be lent a fake product.

Though rental of luxury goods is already popular in the United States, Japan and the UK, it seems the business model just found its way to China by riding the heat of the sharing economy.

“Some luxury leasing companies overseas are growing very fast. They have strong profitability as well as a large [number] of paying users, and their valuation varies between US$100 million and $500 million,” Cheng Kaiwen, the founder of Dou Bao Bao, told the Securities Daily. “From this perspective, the capital market is optimistic about luxury sharing.”

The company is trying to send out a clear message that it wants to make luxury brands available to every young Chinese woman. However, before its arrival, some women had already found a way to lay claim to the lifestyle of the super-rich, via exquisite knockoffs.

“The demand for well-made counterfeits of luxury replica handbags has been growing in the past few years because of the improvement of people’s sense of esthetics,” said a vendor whose family name is Wang and who has run a wholesale handbag store called Pin Ou in the XBM International Clothing Wholesale City in Shenzhen for about seven years. “Whenever the big brands launch new [products], people come and ask if there are counterfeits ready.”

Wang thinks it is hard to tell whether the luxury sharing model will take away the consumers who once nourished the fake-bag industry in the future, but she believes high-quality knockoffs will still have their place. “Handbags outlet are very personal. Some women may not be willing to use a second-hand bag, or to say it has been in multiple hands.”

The best part of the Fendi show wasn’t the replica bags

Gigi Hadid, left, and other models walked in the Fendi show at Milan Fashion Week.

MILAN — Everyone goes to Fendi outlet in search of the next “it” bag. So it came as a huge surprise to onlookers at its Milan Fashion Week show on Thursday that the replica bags played second fiddle to the models’ lips and ’dos.

Gigi Hadid was the first model to walk down the runway with the eye-catching makeup and rockin’ hair. Her lips were covered in rose-colored glitter, which, according to Allure, took makeup artist Peter Philips four steps to apply. More glitter pieces made the models equal parts pretty and tough — inner and outer black eyeliner helped, too.

If the hair accessories look very familiar, that’s because they are the same multi-color studs that decorate Fendi’s famous replica bags and straps. Hairstylist Sam McKnight peppered them throughout a variety of pulled-back hair styles (half up to slick back), and they stood out nearly as much as the glitter lips.

It was the beauty highlight of the day — and I’m certain you’ll be seeing Fendi replica sparkly lips and Fendi embellished hair in the months to come.

Top 5 Heavenly Handbags: Get Victoria’s Secret Angel Appearance for Less

Off-duty archetypal appearance consistently piques our absorption – abnormally if adorable accoutrements are complex – and few models get added columnist absorption than Victoria’s Secret Angels. Their alone styles aren’t just on affectation in lingerie and swimwear shoots; they’re even added arresting in accustomed moments. From Alessandra Ambrosio’s on-trend Fendi to Adriana Lima’s well-priced basal atramentous tote to Candice Swanepoel’s archetypal Chanel Replica Bags Flap, there’s abundant array to clothing every personality – and with the frugally-priced alternatives I found, every account as well.

Alessandra Ambrosio


New, now, and not to be missed: You don’t ambition to jump on every trend the Bounce ’16 collections accept to action – because in the age of amusing media saturation, trends are a dime a dozen. You’ve got to be selective. That’s why I’m endlessly just abbreviate of a dozen. Actuality are my admired examples of spring’s top 11 trends:

Swimwear ads may be everywhere appropriate now, but they were attempt in the winter, acceptation Alessandra’s activity is appealing abundant a abiding summer – and in all-white, she’s dressed for the occasion. Fendi Outlet DOTCOMicon at Neiman Marcus for $2,900.

Lily Aldridge


With a name like Lily, a affection for flowers is expected, and she’s calm all the best on this annular mini cheap replica bag.

Behati Prinsloo


She may be acceptable a mama, but with this brindled Alex Wang, her appearance absolutely hasn’t softened. Alexander Wang Rogue on NET-A-PORTER for $975.

Adriana Lima


If you’ve been searching for a atramentous plan tote beneath $500, Adriana’s got you covered. Henri Bendel West 57th Carryall at Henri Bendel for $398.

Candice Swanepoel


With over-the-knee boots and a mini sweater dress, Candice gives this all-over bag a beginning feel. Chanel Flap Replica Handbags Uk on Fashionphile for $3,596 (from $4,900).

Fendi luxury market back to ultra high-end complex

Last week, we saw the Italian luxury brand Fendi Replica has annual sales of over 10 billion euros. CEO Pietro Beccari announced brand will return to “super high end” positioning. Does that mean the luxury market recovery? Also born designer Yin Ching also founded namesake brand was awarded the Association of French fashion couture title, becoming the first Chinese designer to receive this certification to celebrate.

Broken annual sales of 1 billion Fendi announced the return of ultra high-end

fendi replica bags sale in uk (1)

After reposi tioning the brand, the most important highlight of handbags and accessories in fur top luxury flagship product category. The Fendi Replica Bags in July last year held their first couture show called “Fashion furs” in Paris. The company also plans to invest heavily in prominent brands of Italian descent, is located near the new headquarters of Rome Monument also officially opened 10 months.

Chinese designer Yiqing Yin as official high-set fashion

fendi replica bags sale in uk (2)

French fashion association said in a statement that “December 16, 2015 the Department of Industrial Design custom grading committee in the French fashion association meeting also decided to grant Yin Ching brand Advanced custom title.” 30-year-old Yin Ching also born in China, who studied at the London School of Design Arts Decoratifs in Paris and the Chambre Syndicale fashion design and other three institutions, in November 2011 the first stage of Paris Fashion Week debut in 2012, has become France advanced customization Visiting members of the fashion Association.

Prada Replica Handbags Foundation held “two-sided” exhibition in Milan

Exhibition by the Prada Foundation, the Council thought plan, the current members of the Council include Shumon Basar, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Cédric Libert Dieter Roelstraete. Exhibition on December 3, 2015 to February 14, 2016 to meet with the public.

8 Style replica handbags make you a fashion 2015

Fashion Week, the most eye-catching than those creative replica handbags UK, Dolce & Gabbana with elegant design to reflect its noble origin, but always love Moschino Funny let us once again an insight into the Jeremy Scott’s design talent, and Anya Hindmarch continuation of its usual humorous.

Dolce & Gabbana– stack take handbags
In this Fashion Week handbags appeared stacked ride the wave, Moschino, Au Jour Le Jour and Dsquared2 show floor models have emerged hands, two packages of the phenomenon, but undoubtedly the most impressive of Dolce & Gabbana, Qianman jewelry and handbags extravagant flowers, just one in his hand had been bright enough, and also the two stacked ride together, not for anything else, is headstrong!

Fendi– plush handbags
Fendi has a soft spot for the fluffy stuff in the annual autumn and winter designs are ultimately fur, fluff these elements in the 2015 Winter Fashion Week fur elements return again, there has been a lot of plush handbags, and in color on more biased in favor of the Department of gentle warmth sweet, warm chocolate visual sense and sweet milky color combined with fur, people have been looking at the heart of the eruption, plus Fendi little monster hair ornaments, each woman will read heart.

Moschino– cartoon handbags
And keen to start this time Moschino Funny “play” from the cartoon characters, the Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and Duck Komidori these classic cartoon characters to move the T station, accompany us grew up watching these cartoon characters, however, is not the will of oil Health and kind of intimacy it? I believe that in 2015 some of these bags will be like a cartoon once swept the streets, like McDonald’s bag.

Marc by Marc Jacobs– fashionable purses
Fashion Week is not only unrealistic fancy design, but also as Marc by Marc Jacobs belt bag so simple and practical design. The belts and bags combined, so ingenious design refreshing, simple black leather handsome design, but this purse also allows you hands free, get rid of the shackles of the strap.

Marni– box type bag
Marni handbags is interesting given the lovely box-type appearance, rounded shape is very pleasing, in a hard plastic package body painted like a seductive lip glaze colors, this design will be able to capture the hearts and minds of all the girls, wide strap The design is also very close, you can reduce the burden on the shoulders.

Burberry– tassel handbag
Vintage Winter Fashion Week 2015 seems to be the theme of a large number of brands have begun to put on a big show of retro. In 2015Burberry autumn and winter show floor, suede, tassels and other retro elements all return, in order to fit the theme of this season, in the bag design and material selection are also suede tassels as the main theme. Encrusted retro elements of earth colors nostalgic dip bucket bag, printed dress with exaggerated, so that the overall style attributed to one, filling low-key luxury.

Emporio Armani– Mini Bag
Speaking handbag field, really elusive, fast-paced changes of people overwhelmed, now shoulder, hand bags have been insufficient to meet the trend of people chasing the pace of fashion, and in Emporio Armani2015 Winter Fashion Week Mini Bag Cross Empty born, cute bag hanging at the waist, not only can incorporate small trivial things, but also a good accessory.

Anya Hindmarch– signs handbags
Remember Anya Hindmarch2014 soar in the “snack bag” it? Funny novelty shapes so many actresses love it in the fall and winter 2015 fashion week, Anya Hindmarch again force, the “under construction”, “safe exit”, “recyclable” and so the signs printed on handbags, holding a handbag so you can make sure to steal the show.