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Elderly get to give back with Mim & Ray replica handbags

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Every Tuesday, a group of ladies gather for lunch at Kleinlife senior center in Northeast Philly around noon. After getting properly fueled up, they form a knitting circle. And they knit their little hearts out – for pay and to help the less fortunate and disabled.

“I learned I loved to crochet, and it gets me through the long nights,” said Katalin Willner, 83, a Holocaust survivor who now helps knit panels for Mim & Ray purses, a new luxury replica handbag line that donates proceeds to Kleinlife senior centers.

“The profit they are paying us, and the rest goes to the senior center,” Willner said. “I’m happy I can make a few extra dollars, and I’m helping other people who really need it.”

Ranging from $300 to $3,000, the purses were on display and available for pre-order for fall at a recent Rittenhouse Hotel launch with some VIP senior knitters as the stars.

“We did not get paid for the panels in the beginning,” said one of the VIPs, Mickie Levin, 85, of Philadelphia. “They told us it was for the designer replica handbags, and there were four or five of us willing to do it. After about six or seven months, they began paying us.”

In January 2016, Mim & Ray started out with six knitters. “Now we have 35,” said Toby Strogatz, the significant other of Stephen Klein, whose family began KleinLife.

“When they first started, we were trying to figure out how to pay them and spoke to lawyers and had an accounting firm come and decide what was fair. We pay them by the inch – 25 cents an inch. Six or seven months ago, we began paying them, and before that, we were compensating them by gift cards, etc. We had to go through a process to make sure it’s fair for everyone, including a 10 percent licensing fee, and all proceeds go to Kleinlife,” she said.

The knitters get paid by the panel with a sliding scale.

“Once a month, we get paid. If they’re little, I can make two to three an hour every week. I think you can make from $200 to $400 a month,” said Levin.

Willner, who was also at the launch, said productivity varies widely.

“People do two to three pieces at a time, and I can do one and a half,” she said. “They said it doesn’t make a difference how many you make – not everyone is fast.”

While the ladies got to model the replica handbags in photos for publicity purposes, none of the seniors currently have one.
“We don’t even own a bag,” she said at the event. “I never asked for it, but they never offered me a bag.”

Levin echoes her response.

“I don’t think they are going to give us a $700 handbag, but I would love one. I think they are beautiful. They came out very nice, and I’m very pleased with the panels made,” she said Levin.

No one has a bag yet, according to Strogatz, because everything at the launch party was pre-ordered.

“Nobody will receive orders until the beginning of August,” she said.

Will the knitters receive a handbag after all their hard work?

“We have a luncheon and custom knitting totes coming up. I didn’t think about that yet – that’s a good question. There’s so much going on and so many moving parts, there’s so much to do,” she said. We don’t have a lot of people working, including our project manager. But I’m sure all of the knitters will get a leather bag.”

The best part of the Fendi show wasn’t the replica bags

Gigi Hadid, left, and other models walked in the Fendi show at Milan Fashion Week.

MILAN — Everyone goes to Fendi outlet in search of the next “it” bag. So it came as a huge surprise to onlookers at its Milan Fashion Week show on Thursday that the replica bags played second fiddle to the models’ lips and ’dos.

Gigi Hadid was the first model to walk down the runway with the eye-catching makeup and rockin’ hair. Her lips were covered in rose-colored glitter, which, according to Allure, took makeup artist Peter Philips four steps to apply. More glitter pieces made the models equal parts pretty and tough — inner and outer black eyeliner helped, too.

If the hair accessories look very familiar, that’s because they are the same multi-color studs that decorate Fendi’s famous replica bags and straps. Hairstylist Sam McKnight peppered them throughout a variety of pulled-back hair styles (half up to slick back), and they stood out nearly as much as the glitter lips.

It was the beauty highlight of the day — and I’m certain you’ll be seeing Fendi replica sparkly lips and Fendi embellished hair in the months to come.

Bailey Hires Burberry Design Director To Dior

CHRISTOPHER BAILEY is well aware of Burberry’s strengths with almost 40 per cent of its revenue coming from accessories and so, ahead of a summer of executive movement, he’s shoring up that area; hiring an accessories specialist from the Dior outlet fold. Sabrina Bonesi will become design director of leather goods and shoes – a new role, WWD reports and will oversee the replica handbags, shoes and accessories for both the men’s and women’s collections.


Bonesi is not the only new girl in team Burberry replica this year; just over a month ago the company recruited one of Net-a-Porter’s co-founders, Claudia Plant, also in to a newly created role. Plant will serve as senior vice president, brand experience: a role that will see her work to “bring fashion and products to life for customers, and help to establish a strong editorial voice that will support brand and product initiatives”.


Bailey, who is currently both CEO and chief creative officer of the British house, will welcome new CEO Marco Gobbetti in July. Bailey will then become president, as well as retaining his chief creative officer role overseeing his new hires alongside the existing team – a set-up that he is convinced will work well for the brand.

“I will focus more specifically on design, the products, creativity, architecture, marketing, communication, experiences,” Bailey said when Gobbetti’s accession was announced. “He will focus more on the operational side, finance, retail and merchandising. I see this really as two pieces working together. We will jointly lead all the strategies and people.”

Hermes birkin replica handbags lead Fellows auction of designer pieces

Three Hermes Birkin replica handbags were among the leading pieces at Fellows’ latest Designer Collection auction this week.

Hermes birkin replica handbags led at Fellows’ Designer Collection sale this week, representing the top five results for the Birmingham auctioneer.

Leading the sale were a 2008 Sable Togo Birkin 35 and a 1999 black Ardennes Birkin 35 which were hammered down for £560 and £540 respectively. The following three lots were also Birkins taking hammer prices between £410 and £460.

These coveted French tote replica bags were created in the 1980s and are named after the British actress and singer Jane Birkin. A new replica bag can cost £750 to £1000, and are released in limited quantities.

Hermes bags also achieved strong results at the sale. A Jumbo Classic Double Flap handbag took £150 before buyer’s premium and a bronze leather Small Crown replica handbag was knocked down for £120.

The Birmingham auctioneer sold 91% of the lots by value for a hammer total of just over £810.

In style

Fellows launched designer sales last year, in keeping with the rising trend for luxury sales around UK auction houses. Sworders, for example, launched its Replica Designer Handbags and Couture department in 2015.

Other salerooms active in the designer market include Tennants, which also reported a strong performance of replica handbags in its February sale. Most recently, Aston’s Auctioneers & Valuers held their inaugural Vintage & Modern Fashion Auction on Tuesday this week.

Replica designer handbags raise money for Epilepsy Society

New York actress, model and DJ Chelsea Leyland is once again using her creative talents to help raise awareness of epilepsy and at the same time raise vital funds for Epilepsy Society.

Chelsea red lipstick cropped

Chelsea and her sister, Tamsin both have epilepsy and last year Chelsea designed a unitard to raise £10,000 for the charity. Now she is designing a pair of limited edition replica handbags uk to raise even greater awareness and money.

Chelsea in yoga position

Chelsea is working in collaboration with Mark Cross whose handbags are a must-have for devotees of his trademark structured replica leather bags with vintage-inspired designs ranging from ’60s style daisies to galaxies of stars and moons.

Chelsea’s two designs are a set of day and night bags in alternating navy and blush pink, inspired by a vintage ’80s swimsuit she owned.

Asked about her decision to donate funds to Epilepsy Society, Chelsea told Vogue magazine: “I thought, ‘why not do some good while I’m at it?’ I’m trying to use fashion to raise awareness for epilepsy.

“It’s a cause that is obviously very close to my heart.”

Photosensitive epilepsy

Chelsea has juvenile myoclonic epilepsy while Tamsin has complex epilepsy with learning difficulties. Chelsea is also photosensitive so has to make sure any gigs she plays at use lasers instead of strobe lights.

Chelsea dj-ing

Talking about epilepsy

Chelsea told Epilepsy Society: “I have been through a time when it was a challenge to talk about my epilepsy and now talking about it with power is really different. I’m trying to make it positive and upbeat, so I’m trying to use my position as an influencer to make an impact.

“I had a voice but I wasn’t using it – now I want to make some noise and help people understand what epilepsy is. I want to give people strength by telling my own story. I want to do it for Tamsin, I owe it to her and also to empower other young people.

Chelsea sideways on croped

Living at Epilepsy Society

‘Tamsin has lived at Epilepsy Society since she was 18 and absolutely loves it. She’s the happiest she’s ever been. Some people think she’d rather be at home but that’s wrong – there’s a big part of her that’s very independent, like any adult. She knows exactly what she wants and she wouldn’t have that same freedom if she was at home.”

The fake handbags were launched at a special celebration in Greenwich Village, New York where Chelsea told Vogue: “If someone opens up a magazine and sees the bag connected to the charity and says, ‘Oh, what’s that charity?’ Then I feel I’ve done my job.”