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Replica Prada Pays Price for Slow E-commerce Strategy


Over the last 20 years Prada has taken it sweet time in selling its replica handbags, shoes and accessories online, but 2017 will see the company ramp up its investment in boosting online sales, and reducing physical stores.

It’s a trend, just in case you haven’t noticed. Many established brands, especially in the luxury division, are focusing more on its e-commerce sales and planning to go light when it comes to its bricks and mortar investment. With the rise in online shopping, they’re sluggishly learning that consumers just aren’t shopping the way they once did.

The replica Prada Group is a good example of being painfully slow to adopt e-commerce into its strategy. Since the company’s worst profits went public in 2011, it admits that people today are shopping differently than they used to. “Customers have changed deeply over the last 10 years,” says Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of Prada.

The company says it will invest further in its e-commerce operations globally and develop an omnichannel offering. “To integrate the retail and online channels, we will continue to dedicate significant resources to developing an omnichannel offer, through the rollout of our global digital platform, collaboration with e-tailers, and in-store digital integration,” it said in its full year 2016 results statement. “With this goal, we have built a new team that will bring further expertise to the Group’s digital strategy.”

The cost of the late realisation from Prada outlet about changing consumer behaviour comes following the company’s 16% decline in profits to US $295 million in its 2016 financial statements, with its brandsMiu Miu, Church’s and Car Shoe getting hit badly from decreasing Chinese demand and an over investment in its physical retail offering there.

As part of its turnaround strategy, Prada has unveiled a digital ad campaign that will focus on younger consumers and a shift towards closing stores and having its entire selection of luxury merchandise sold on its e-commerce platform.

In support of this, Prada has hired the services of Chiara Tosto, ex-commercial director at Mediaset in Milan, who will lead the new digitally focused team and the Group further into e-commerce territory. This will involve building new e-commerce platforms for replica Prada and Miu Miu, and making each brand’s entire product selection available for purchase online.

Australia will be one of the countries that replica Prada Group will invest in expanding localised e-commerce platforms, with New Zealand, China, Korea and Russia part of their list of five. “Providing a more consistent experience online, based on our DNA, is a priority,” according to Bertelli.

Even with its limited e-commerce capabilities, Prada replica has still managed to successfully build its brand identity online, and there’s no doubt that CRM experienced Tosato in charge will help the brand to improve its online offering, with both look and feel, and streamline e-commerce logistics as well.

Prada Sales Uk Slide on Anemic Appeal This Month

Prada Replica Handbags Group SpA appear the aboriginal abatement in opening-half sales back its 2011 advertisement as anemic appeal in China and agitator attacks in Europe advised on the Italian luxury-goods maker.


Prada SpA appear the aboriginal abatement in opening-half sales back its 2011 advertisement as anemic appeal in China and agitator attacks in Europe connected to counterbalance on the Italian luxury-goods maker.

Revenue fell 15 percent to €1.55 billion ($1.8 billion), the Hong Kong-listed aggregation said in a account Friday, missing the €1.65 billion boilerplate analyst appraisal aggregate by Bloomberg. Earnings aswell declined, admitting by hardly beneath than analysts predicted.

As the added affluence industry struggles for growth, Prada has been hit harder than most. That is partly because its handbags are too big-ticket and it is been too apathetic to advance online, according to Sanford C. Bernstein analysts. The aggregation is gluttonous to abode those issues amidst two years of brackish replica handbags sales and its everyman accumulation in 5 years.

“Management sees 2016 as a axis point from area the accumulation will acknowledgment to advance by absorption on the ethics that fabricated Prada the iconic aggregation it is today,” the aggregation said in the statement.

Prada affairs to bifold its e-commerce sales over the next two years by accretion the bulk of categories it offers online, decidedly shoes, and accretion its amusing media activities.

Earnings afore interest, tax, abrasion and amortisation fell 25 percent to €330 actor in the six months, according to the statement. Analysts estimated €327.8 million.

The after-effects were appear afterwards the abutting of trading in Hong Kong, area replica handbags uk for Prada shares bankrupt up 2.1 percent at $HK21.75.

By Paul Jarvis; editors: Matthew Boyle; Tom Lavell.

Fendi luxury market back to ultra high-end complex

Last week, we saw the Italian luxury brand Fendi Replica has annual sales of over 10 billion euros. CEO Pietro Beccari announced brand will return to “super high end” positioning. Does that mean the luxury market recovery? Also born designer Yin Ching also founded namesake brand was awarded the Association of French fashion couture title, becoming the first Chinese designer to receive this certification to celebrate.

Broken annual sales of 1 billion Fendi announced the return of ultra high-end

fendi replica bags sale in uk (1)

After reposi tioning the brand, the most important highlight of handbags and accessories in fur top luxury flagship product category. The Fendi Replica Bags in July last year held their first couture show called “Fashion furs” in Paris. The company also plans to invest heavily in prominent brands of Italian descent, is located near the new headquarters of Rome Monument also officially opened 10 months.

Chinese designer Yiqing Yin as official high-set fashion

fendi replica bags sale in uk (2)

French fashion association said in a statement that “December 16, 2015 the Department of Industrial Design custom grading committee in the French fashion association meeting also decided to grant Yin Ching brand Advanced custom title.” 30-year-old Yin Ching also born in China, who studied at the London School of Design Arts Decoratifs in Paris and the Chambre Syndicale fashion design and other three institutions, in November 2011 the first stage of Paris Fashion Week debut in 2012, has become France advanced customization Visiting members of the fashion Association.

Prada Replica Handbags Foundation held “two-sided” exhibition in Milan

Exhibition by the Prada Foundation, the Council thought plan, the current members of the Council include Shumon Basar, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Cédric Libert Dieter Roelstraete. Exhibition on December 3, 2015 to February 14, 2016 to meet with the public.

Luxury brand Prada announced multi-region-based price adjustment plan to Replica handbags

Recently, the luxury brand Prada replica announced a number of areas, including the price adjustment comprising Chinese, clothing, Replica handbags, etc. are all part of the main commodities price ranks. It is reported that about 80% of the price adjustment relates to products, mainly Replica handbagss, women did not participate in price, there is a small amount of jewelry involved in price. Price is no uniform price cut, different styles of varying magnitudes commodity prices, the star product BN2274 killer package dropped from 18,300 yuan 16,300 yuan, down 2,000 yuan, a drop of 11%. Since March, the luxury brand in China set off a wave of massive price.

Italian luxury brand Prada brewing make price cuts, may not only Chanel, Dior price move, the selling pressure behind it are bad performance to tape. Hong Kong media exposed the Prada Group earnings report period, the management conference call with investors in Asia, the price mentioned in brewing.

It is reported that director of global consumer and retail HSBC revealed, Prada executives suggest that the price of the plan, saying “there is indeed room for price cuts in Asia”, and said that if any price adjustments will be announced after two weeks, and the Throughout Asia, price action will only exclude Japan. In addition, Central Europe and Chanel different pricing strategy, Prada will not be price increases in Europe.

Prada The price cut in time for the 2014 annual results released during data exposed, it was not reminiscent of its business dilemma. Data show that in fiscal year 2014 net profit fell 28.2%, sales fell 1 percent, operating profit fell 16.5%, the wholesale channel and direct channel revenues fell 4% and 0.5%, respectively. Amid the sound of falling surfaced is the hardest hit performance – accounted for 35.7% of group sales share of the Asian market. Its sales fell 4.5% at constant exchange rates.

In this regard, it serves network CEO Jiwen Hong believes that due to the rapid development of the Internet, making information flow unimpeded unprecedented global parity increasingly popular. What we do know is that some of the top luxury brands as well as some watch brands have long been making price adjustments unity worldwide. Continue to maintain regular prices, or keeping up with the trend of prices has become a phenomenon of polarization. Due to some objective factors, such as rising costs, some of the brand and there is no way in a short time to do follow the trend of prices, on the sidelines of the stage. There are some brands insist on not price, due to limited production, process Hundred Years strict requirements, adhere slowly and deliberately, even if the price can not bring sales prices.

Jiwen Hong added that for luxury goods, in addition to the issue price is the regional differences in product selection and production capacity, even if prices drop, these problems will continue to exist. Just ahead of a global network serves the same price, and the difference in the area of ​​election materials and genuine global stock share has been done seven years of efforts in various parts of Europe and the establishment of a unique and highly efficient supply and distribution systems to keep up with Europe and synchronization New. Number of overseas businessmen in-depth cooperation in more than 600, exclusive of nearly 200, more than 80% of the retail price of goods is lower than in Hong Kong, 65% of the goods is less than the United States and the United Kingdom retail price.

It is understood that, as early as the end of last year, Prada group’s strategy for mass consumption has long been clues. It says future plans to increase the price of the euro in 1000-1200 entry-level and high-end products priced at 2500-2700 euro make additions to a broader consumer-oriented groups. Experts also said that the luxury sector, Prada prices will to some extent affect the brand image, perhaps the overall positioning will no longer cold after high brand price.

Luxury prices
March 18, Chanel replica announced in Chinese mainland official price drop of 10% to 20%. Chanel said the price adjustment to narrow each market spreads against purchasing market. Analysts believe that Chanel’s price trend will lead to lower prices of the luxury goods industry.
3 months late, Dior, Patek Philippe, LVMH Group watch brand TAG HEUER and other luxury line, top watches have joined the ranks of lower prices, the highest price cut to 40%.
May 20, Gucci replica handbags store discounts, some of the goods up to 50% off.
In July, after rumors will have to cut in Asia Prada finally joined the army to cut prices in order to reduce the domestic market and overseas market spreads.

Recommended several classic Prada bags

Classic Prada Bags –

Yo-Yo sweet candy bag
1950 years fashion in the hot season, Prada is definitely a leader in this trend, from the overall shape to the details of both are vintage inspired accessories. Prada “Yo-Yo” handbag that is the main push winter bag models. Prada “Yo-Yo” handbag is a medium handbag made of a variety of materials, some models by combining the use of the material, forming a unique color contrast. Design of models, including patent leather, patent leather + crocodile skin, shiny calf and shiny patent leather calfskin + and so on.

Specially designed models Expo 2010
Prada 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be a limited series of classic design and forward-looking view of the world Prada city life combined with a unique way to show modern urban clothing and accessories. Shopping replica handbags with lush leaves outlined in Pudong skyline. Another is decorated with four colors of the garden, inspired by the sight of four different cities: sunset, sunrise, storm, sunny day.

Spring 2010 -Saffiano
Prada recently introduced Spring 2010 printing series, inspired by 1950s Hollywood stars at the time, the material includes the use of cotton and silk. In addition to the clothing line, accessories, printing design no less, also has a retro atmosphere, this series will be on sale in mid-May .Prada “Saffiano” printed calfskin handbags spring and summer, using colored flower pattern and wear Rees printing design to shine spring sweet breath away with the dull winter haze. Classic small bag body design, bright gold metal parts, the outer layer of the cortex feel super good, making this section Prada replica handbags in a series of bags stand out all the dark, creating a distinctive bright style.

2010 Christmas -mini bag
This Christmas, Prada does not fall after the introduction of a large number of single items of “mini” accessories – including not only the brand’s famous cartoon dolls small objects, also a number of “mini-models” classic handbags, cute enough to make people rich cross-stitch eye. Prada replica to achieve some of the classic works of the “mini” turned gorgeous accessories: soft sheepskin fold shopping bag, nylon backpack fashion and saffiano square embossed leather handbag Plaid size presents a whole new – only 15 cm. Even the autumn and winter “YoYo handbags” series also tend to “mini” and become another classic Prada style. “Mini handbag” series also appeared in the form of a key ring, using the same materials and design, detail capture more people. Since November 2010, in the form of mini-gift Creative ideas Prada handbags and mini key ring will be presented, each sale Prada boutiques.

Prada Camouflage Pack
Italy launched the 2010 Winter Camouflage Prada bag section series. Camouflage officially declared Prada package shall enter the field of street fashion, luggage bags with signs of this type of work is the attention of the Department, of course, the irregular pattern of the substrate and the triangle is the most Dongrenzhichu cards.