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Elderly get to give back with Mim & Ray replica handbags

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Every Tuesday, a group of ladies gather for lunch at Kleinlife senior center in Northeast Philly around noon. After getting properly fueled up, they form a knitting circle. And they knit their little hearts out – for pay and to help the less fortunate and disabled.

“I learned I loved to crochet, and it gets me through the long nights,” said Katalin Willner, 83, a Holocaust survivor who now helps knit panels for Mim & Ray purses, a new luxury replica handbag line that donates proceeds to Kleinlife senior centers.

“The profit they are paying us, and the rest goes to the senior center,” Willner said. “I’m happy I can make a few extra dollars, and I’m helping other people who really need it.”

Ranging from $300 to $3,000, the purses were on display and available for pre-order for fall at a recent Rittenhouse Hotel launch with some VIP senior knitters as the stars.

“We did not get paid for the panels in the beginning,” said one of the VIPs, Mickie Levin, 85, of Philadelphia. “They told us it was for the designer replica handbags, and there were four or five of us willing to do it. After about six or seven months, they began paying us.”

In January 2016, Mim & Ray started out with six knitters. “Now we have 35,” said Toby Strogatz, the significant other of Stephen Klein, whose family began KleinLife.

“When they first started, we were trying to figure out how to pay them and spoke to lawyers and had an accounting firm come and decide what was fair. We pay them by the inch – 25 cents an inch. Six or seven months ago, we began paying them, and before that, we were compensating them by gift cards, etc. We had to go through a process to make sure it’s fair for everyone, including a 10 percent licensing fee, and all proceeds go to Kleinlife,” she said.

The knitters get paid by the panel with a sliding scale.

“Once a month, we get paid. If they’re little, I can make two to three an hour every week. I think you can make from $200 to $400 a month,” said Levin.

Willner, who was also at the launch, said productivity varies widely.

“People do two to three pieces at a time, and I can do one and a half,” she said. “They said it doesn’t make a difference how many you make – not everyone is fast.”

While the ladies got to model the replica handbags in photos for publicity purposes, none of the seniors currently have one.
“We don’t even own a bag,” she said at the event. “I never asked for it, but they never offered me a bag.”

Levin echoes her response.

“I don’t think they are going to give us a $700 handbag, but I would love one. I think they are beautiful. They came out very nice, and I’m very pleased with the panels made,” she said Levin.

No one has a bag yet, according to Strogatz, because everything at the launch party was pre-ordered.

“Nobody will receive orders until the beginning of August,” she said.

Will the knitters receive a handbag after all their hard work?

“We have a luncheon and custom knitting totes coming up. I didn’t think about that yet – that’s a good question. There’s so much going on and so many moving parts, there’s so much to do,” she said. We don’t have a lot of people working, including our project manager. But I’m sure all of the knitters will get a leather bag.”


The latest entry into the minimally branded contemporary replica handbag category is Malibu-based von Holzhausen, whose attractive pebble-grain totes and bucket bags with knotted drawstring fake handles and painted edges are carving out a place next to like-minded offerings from Mansur Gavriel, Building Block and Clare Vivier.

The accessories label was started by Vicki von Holzhausen, a former car designer who still has a stake in that industry, since she’s married to Franz von Holzhausen, chief designer of Tesla. The two live in the Coastline Drive community in a modern home they are redesigning together.

“Cars are aspirational products, fashion is the same, so there’s an easy connection to draw people in,” says von Holzhausen, who worked in the auto industry for 12 years at Audi and General Motors before transitioning into fashion last year.


When she started, designing a bag was not as easy as she thought. “The engineering that goes into making an auto is so much more complicated, so you’d think a bag would be a piece of cake. But it’s been quite a journey,” says von Holzhausen, whose sleek personal style (Stella McCartney, Helmut Lang) is reflected in her less-is-more designs.

Her first was a cross-body replica bag with a cage-like construction. “The idea was for it to be a container, a bag within a bag outlet. And I have taken the same elements and translated them through all the pieces.”

“Where you do see my abilities as car designer is our bucket bag,” she says. “It’s very organic, and has a slight fender shape at the base. But besides that, I’m really not literal about it. Where I do use that expertise is in the technical side of manufacturing, and my understanding of materials.”

Although the von Holzhausens don’t discuss her collection too much, Vicki says, “We have a similar future approach to things, especially regarding the sustainability concept. There’s a consumer who doesn’t want 20 leather hides in a car anymore — or a fake bag.”

That translates into how she sources leather, she says. “Our tannery is a by-product of the meat industry, so they don’t kill any cows solely for the replica bags. We are trying to take a more mindful approach to the process, and letting people know about it. We do manufacture in the U.S., we do paint every edge seven times, this is not just a cookie-cutter thing you’d see at J Crew.”


Von Holzhausen also tapped her contacts in the auto industry to source a polyurethane material to create her first vegan bag, in her popular shopper tote bag style, which is remarkably lightweight and stain resistant.

Prices range from $95 for a pouch, to $395 for an oversize drawstring clutch, to $595 for a medium tote, to $650 for a bucket backpack, and colors include black, taupe, sand, burgundy and caramel. Monogramming is available in 20 colors on four bag styles.

She’s decided to build her business on the direct-to-consumer model — for now. “I talk to my customers all the time, and you’d be amazed at how much input they want to have.”

Next up for the designer? Her first new category: belts, which roll out in the spring. “We’re using a simple coil as a buckle,” she says.

“I’m thinking of the brand long-term. I could have pitched it to a venture capital firm and built it quickly, and sold it in three years. That was not my approach. I put our name on it, I put my name on it.”

We lists a range of designer brands that easy to buy for fake

When Sophie was short of cash to buy her dream studio apartment in London, she decided to pawn her £8,000 ($10,000) Hermes Birkin handbag that her fiancé got her for their two-year anniversary.


“It was the most practical thing to do. I would have unnecessarily paid more interest if I had gone for a higher mortgage, so I decided to increase my equity stake by getting a loan against my Hermes handbag,” 25-year old Sophie Richards told CNBC on the phone.

The world of luxury handbags is a glamorous one and using these expensive handbags as collateral to secure a loan is a growing industry in itself. While globally, the premium handbag and accessories market was valued at $48 billion in 2016, North America was worth $11.6 billion and Europe came in at $6.4 billion, according to industry research firm Koncept Analytics.

California-based Beverly Loan Company, one of the first pawn shops in the U.S. to advertise pawn loans against upscale handbags, told CNBC via email that luxury replica handbags are the fastest growing asset class. The company has very specific criteria for lending against handbag.

“If the bag is not Hermes  replica handbags or a close equivalent and does not have a retail price of over $5,000, then it is not for Beverly Loan Company,” the company said on its website. “We also require that the handbag is in excellent condition and in most cases we require provenance, specifically a receipt from the retailer where it was purchased.”


Jordan Tabach-Bank, owner and chief executive officer of Beverly Loan Company, explained that not too many lenders are comfortable with this business as they lack the expertise to deal in luxury handbags because of “spot-on replicas” that have flooded the markets.

“While our average handbag loan is about $5,000, I can tell you that we recently made a loan of $60,000 on a Hermes White Matte Niloticus Himalayan Crocodile Birkin.”

The process is fairly straightforward – if you want a loan, take your luxury handbag to one of the pawnbrokers who specialize in this area. They take a quick look at the condition of the bag, and you are out of the door with cash. The handbags are stored in a secured vault till the time you pay off the loan. There is generally, no credit check and the loans are given for a period of four to six months.

“When we inspect a bag first and foremost we make sure it is authentic and in excellent condition. We can always provide a higher dollar figure if the bag includes the box, dust bag, cites (for exotic skins) and original receipts (which always help with authentication). We also know what colors sell best and we know how important condition is to our clientele, and lend accordingly,” Tabach-Bank said.

While some lenders are quite specific about brands they want to lend against, some others are a bit more flexible. London-based Prestige Pawnbrokers lend against a range of luxury products including handbags, wine, art and watches among others. The company on its website lists a range of designer brands that they lend against. These include Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry, Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Dio and D&G among others.

“Many of our clients are finding this to be an extremely effective method of raising finance quickly – especially for designer handbag that you may no longer use or was an unwanted gift or has simply fallen out of fashion with your style” the company said on its website.

But while this is a fairly easy way of raising capital for replica handbags  consumers, it comes with risks. One of the biggest risks is default. What if the borrower fails to pay the loan?

fendi replica bags sale in uk (2)

“If the borrower is unable to pay the loan in full they can rewrite the loan by simply paying the accrued interest, thereby extending their due date,” Tabach-Bank explained.

If the clients choose not to extend the loan then the lender becomes the owner of the collateral and can sell it to the public. The company, however, makes several attempts at contacting the borrower before foreclosure.

Another risk is dealing with fakes. A number of pawnbrokers face this on a regular basis and if the handbag is fake, the loan is not approved.

“The handbag speaks for itself; we do not perform credit checks. Just bring your ID and your bag. Our clients are in and out with cash in hand in a matter of minutes,” Tabach-Bank said.

Compared to added baby Céline accoutrements like the Classic Box


Valentino usually just releases a lookbook for its pre-fall and resort collections, but back Maria Grazia Chiuri larboard for Dior and her above partner, Pierpaolo Piccioli, affected abounding artistic control, how the cast does things has confused slightly. On Wednesday, Piccioli put on Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2017 appearance at New York’s Beekman Hotel, and the accoutrements on the aerodrome were aces of the Cheap replica handbags occasion.

Side-shot detail photos aren’t accessible from the appearance (or at atomic we couldn’t acquisition them), but thankfully the front-on aerodrome shots accord a appealing appropriate appearance of some of the accoutrements in the collection. The big adventure is the admission of a ample attache that will appear in accoutrements of colors, leathers and embellishments, including blooming fur and bright crocodile. That fills a gap in Valentino’s calendar that none of the antecedent Rockstud accoutrements anytime absolutely did: a roomy, polished, structured day replica bag.

Catch has accustomed itself as the abode for LA celeb-spotting in the accomplished two months, but allegedly it has eyes on the LA accident hosting bazaar as well. Two altered clutch-worthy contest were hosted at the restaurant this week. When I say “clutch-worthy,” of course, I beggarly that these were diplomacy area something like a Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack would assume out of place. Though, as fate would accept it, that was aswell a accepted best with celebs this week.

We’ll alpha off with Chanel Iman, accustomed a beautiful, bleary Judith Leiber minaudiere as she leaves Catch. This accouterments seemed far too chic for a accidental Catch banquet date, so I advised contempo Chanel Iman account items and abstruse that Catch was in fact hosting a blur premiere for Chanel’s new flick Mad Families.Sale division as we apperceive it is cartoon to a close. Lots of sites are in final markdowns, which agency that both prices are bottomward and food are dwindling. Abounding of the accoutrements beneath are at atomic bisected off, but abounding of them aswell alone accept one or two pieces left–if you see something you like, time is of the essence. May the arcade allowance be anytime in your favor.

When Phoebe Philo accustomed and Céline accoutrements took over the appearance world, the cast seemed like the little abstruse alone those on the central knew about. All of my appearance accompany were active afterwards the latest Céline bags, but they hadn’t absolutely saturated the boilerplate yet. This is no best the case–Céline is now a powerhouse, and while the Luggage Tote is still the a lot of acclaimed of its designs, affluence of new things accept popped up in the accomplished few seasons.

We aggregate our absolute photos of the Céline Tri-Fold Bag a few months ago, and now I accept a attending at two smaller, added bunched bags: the Céline Frame Bag and Céline Frame Clutch. The beyond of the two, the Frame Bag, has a blubbery covering accept band and offers one ambiguous and one collapsed abridged inside. This bag is a abundant admeasurement if you don’t about backpack too abundant with you but wish to be able to calmly fit your phone, abbreviate wallet, and a few claimed items. The Frame Clamp is absolutely compact, on the added hand, and comes with a angular alternation strap–perfect for a night out.

Compared to added baby Céline replica bags accoutrements like the Classic Box, the Frame Accoutrements action a added accidental vibe. I still would opt for a altered bag alone (maybe the Trotteur–I absolutely like that bag), but Amanda has a huge bag drove on both sizes of the Frame–Céline’s calendar at the moment covers a assorted arrangement of claimed styles. The Frame Bag is $2,550, and the clamp is $1,400.

With the Golden Globes abaft us and Oscar nominations just a little added than two weeks away, it’s awards division crisis time. Celebs accept adapted their bag bold accordingly, of course. We’ll be seeing a lot added accident carpeting pics from appointee brunches, appointee dinners, galas and vaguely awards season-related alms contest in the abreast future. And, as is our custom, we will appetite every befalling to ogle the aces artist handbags called for every occasion. Caitlyn Jenner agitated this attractive white Gucci Dionysus Hobo to the awards division admission accident Gold Meets Golden. Gold meets Golden brings calm top names from the sports and ball association in an accomplishment to accession acquaintance about LA’s bid for the 2024 Olympic games.

Hermes Replica 2017 Fashon Show


Plain and neat all white space, translucent panels across the aisle, seemingly of fields of cold tonal and downy lamplight, model slowly around, the rest of the color fill by hermes2017 spring and summer series of women’s clothing.
Light violet, pink, khaki, lime colour and lustre is gradual, hermes women’s clothing design director Nadege Vanhee – Cybuls to consistently understated elegance in the quiet quiet costly feeling in the heart, inspiration into sportswear and uniform, shirt, zipper, and sports vest type clipping details of dress neckline, and echo fashion week shows trends in the 80 s, a series of visible in many wide shoulder and waist into the designer replica handbags of tall waist width of pants, both does not have optimal spare adaptive style.

And hermes leather take hold of the core value, is highlighted on the made technical expression, in addition to like a lunch box fittings such as hand bag, garment with swing, introduced the tassel air circulation, lightness, cooperate with the series finally out of the bright asymmetric gauze skirt long dress, perfect construction of French classical images of women confidence slowly in the spring flowers are easy magnanimous.

Shanghai “hermes home” was unveiled on November 24, 2016 winter window, this year’s theme of “mirror” hermes winter window, by the new ceramic artist XinYao away, she exist in nature water in different ways to create the main line, the winter window to express the surface reflection of beauty and colour of natural space, on the technique of writing, she used the geometric shape and thin for ceramics unit combination of 1 mm to compose, static dynamic interpretation of the whirlpool, ripples and bluebird, brocade carp, respectively, as a natural beings image window displays together with hermes.

Along with the opening and ceramic art, this is the first time Shanghai “home” of hermes to the artist’s creation from the window first to personal art exhibition, art will from November 24 solstice in Shanghai on December 18, “the home of hermes” open to the public. The winter window will be displayed until March 2017. 2017 early spring series is Bouchra Jarrar in LANVIN replica handbags uk debut, the new design style in the hale and hearty and transformation between feminine temperament, in the sense of jacket structure, uniform wind suit jacket, soft khaki cotton grosgrain down jacket and ivory goat lining present short jacket. Bouchra Jarrar use orchid, clove, double color violet flower design at the same time, add the bright colors of the ornament in color as the balance of style, together with the launch of LANVIN is suitable for different occasions.

Issued by the French luxury brand Hermes Paris fashion week 2017 chun xia series fashion show, big show opening this season with diffuse the gaiety of the spring season is tonal, spring light fuchsia bring unique romantic atmosphere. Regardless of whether they are impeccably cut trench coat or young girl out of dress, all under the natural fabric of life. The sweetness of the transition from the girl to the delicate women, happen is all so natural and comfortable.

Famous music producer Will. I.a m Buttons bluetooth headset. Appearance in vinyl, for inspiration, a total of eight kinds of color, with black, grey, rose and gold is given priority to, the rest of the four color for these four kinds of replica bags online color mixing. Metal on the back has a magnetic headphones, when not in use it can hang around the neck like a necklace. Full electric case, headphones lasts 6 hours. Because of Will. I.a m is to cooperate with apple the headphones, so the iPhone users can set his mind at to replace seven were poking fun at the AirPods seriously. Asked about the purpose of the design of this headset, Will. I.a m said “we all love to buy shoes to go with clothes, but don’t care about is our equipment and clothing lining, I want to do is to change that.”