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Every Tuesday, a group of ladies gather for lunch at Kleinlife senior center in Northeast Philly around noon. After getting properly fueled up, they form a knitting circle. And they knit their little hearts out – for pay and to help the less fortunate and disabled.

“I learned I loved to crochet, and it gets me through the long nights,” said Katalin Willner, 83, a Holocaust survivor who now helps knit panels for Mim & Ray purses, a new luxury replica handbag line that donates proceeds to Kleinlife senior centers.

“The profit they are paying us, and the rest goes to the senior center,” Willner said. “I’m happy I can make a few extra dollars, and I’m helping other people who really need it.”

Ranging from $300 to $3,000, the purses were on display and available for pre-order for fall at a recent Rittenhouse Hotel launch with some VIP senior knitters as the stars.

“We did not get paid for the panels in the beginning,” said one of the VIPs, Mickie Levin, 85, of Philadelphia. “They told us it was for the designer replica handbags, and there were four or five of us willing to do it. After about six or seven months, they began paying us.”

In January 2016, Mim & Ray started out with six knitters. “Now we have 35,” said Toby Strogatz, the significant other of Stephen Klein, whose family began KleinLife.

“When they first started, we were trying to figure out how to pay them and spoke to lawyers and had an accounting firm come and decide what was fair. We pay them by the inch – 25 cents an inch. Six or seven months ago, we began paying them, and before that, we were compensating them by gift cards, etc. We had to go through a process to make sure it’s fair for everyone, including a 10 percent licensing fee, and all proceeds go to Kleinlife,” she said.

The knitters get paid by the panel with a sliding scale.

“Once a month, we get paid. If they’re little, I can make two to three an hour every week. I think you can make from $200 to $400 a month,” said Levin.

Willner, who was also at the launch, said productivity varies widely.

“People do two to three pieces at a time, and I can do one and a half,” she said. “They said it doesn’t make a difference how many you make – not everyone is fast.”

While the ladies got to model the replica handbags in photos for publicity purposes, none of the seniors currently have one.
“We don’t even own a bag,” she said at the event. “I never asked for it, but they never offered me a bag.”

Levin echoes her response.

“I don’t think they are going to give us a $700 handbag, but I would love one. I think they are beautiful. They came out very nice, and I’m very pleased with the panels made,” she said Levin.

No one has a bag yet, according to Strogatz, because everything at the launch party was pre-ordered.

“Nobody will receive orders until the beginning of August,” she said.

Will the knitters receive a handbag after all their hard work?

“We have a luncheon and custom knitting totes coming up. I didn’t think about that yet – that’s a good question. There’s so much going on and so many moving parts, there’s so much to do,” she said. We don’t have a lot of people working, including our project manager. But I’m sure all of the knitters will get a leather bag.”


The latest entry into the minimally branded contemporary replica handbag category is Malibu-based von Holzhausen, whose attractive pebble-grain totes and bucket bags with knotted drawstring fake handles and painted edges are carving out a place next to like-minded offerings from Mansur Gavriel, Building Block and Clare Vivier.

The accessories label was started by Vicki von Holzhausen, a former car designer who still has a stake in that industry, since she’s married to Franz von Holzhausen, chief designer of Tesla. The two live in the Coastline Drive community in a modern home they are redesigning together.

“Cars are aspirational products, fashion is the same, so there’s an easy connection to draw people in,” says von Holzhausen, who worked in the auto industry for 12 years at Audi and General Motors before transitioning into fashion last year.


When she started, designing a bag was not as easy as she thought. “The engineering that goes into making an auto is so much more complicated, so you’d think a bag would be a piece of cake. But it’s been quite a journey,” says von Holzhausen, whose sleek personal style (Stella McCartney, Helmut Lang) is reflected in her less-is-more designs.

Her first was a cross-body replica bag with a cage-like construction. “The idea was for it to be a container, a bag within a bag outlet. And I have taken the same elements and translated them through all the pieces.”

“Where you do see my abilities as car designer is our bucket bag,” she says. “It’s very organic, and has a slight fender shape at the base. But besides that, I’m really not literal about it. Where I do use that expertise is in the technical side of manufacturing, and my understanding of materials.”

Although the von Holzhausens don’t discuss her collection too much, Vicki says, “We have a similar future approach to things, especially regarding the sustainability concept. There’s a consumer who doesn’t want 20 leather hides in a car anymore — or a fake bag.”

That translates into how she sources leather, she says. “Our tannery is a by-product of the meat industry, so they don’t kill any cows solely for the replica bags. We are trying to take a more mindful approach to the process, and letting people know about it. We do manufacture in the U.S., we do paint every edge seven times, this is not just a cookie-cutter thing you’d see at J Crew.”


Von Holzhausen also tapped her contacts in the auto industry to source a polyurethane material to create her first vegan bag, in her popular shopper tote bag style, which is remarkably lightweight and stain resistant.

Prices range from $95 for a pouch, to $395 for an oversize drawstring clutch, to $595 for a medium tote, to $650 for a bucket backpack, and colors include black, taupe, sand, burgundy and caramel. Monogramming is available in 20 colors on four bag styles.

She’s decided to build her business on the direct-to-consumer model — for now. “I talk to my customers all the time, and you’d be amazed at how much input they want to have.”

Next up for the designer? Her first new category: belts, which roll out in the spring. “We’re using a simple coil as a buckle,” she says.

“I’m thinking of the brand long-term. I could have pitched it to a venture capital firm and built it quickly, and sold it in three years. That was not my approach. I put our name on it, I put my name on it.”

Every lust-worthy replica designer bag in Jhanvi Kapoor’s closet

jhanvi-kapoorSridevi is no fashion slouch, and it stands to reason that she passed on her sartorial gifts to her daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi as well. And blame it on the millennial need for instant gratification, but 20-year-old Jhanvi isn’t waiting for her actual big screen debut to begin making inroads in tinsel town. While Karan Johar flips a coin and decides which star kid to hand out a big break to next, Jhanvi has been quietly, and assuredly, punching in her presence on every best-dressed list available.

Her ascension to the next big thing is backed up by a healthy appetite for replica designer handbags, Hermès and Chanel being her partners in crime. We took stock of the many, many luxury labels dotting her closet and here’s what we have to report.

When your parents are the crème of the film fraternity, your uniform involves Chanel quilted replica bags. Jhanvi took her tan sling to the movies for the Mirzya screening, but ensures that her classic black number regularly sees the light of the day (and the lens of a camera) too.

While her wedding closet has been unofficially sponsored by Manish Malhotra, Jhanvi’s off-duty look is dominated by crop tops and her signature Goyard Saint Louis tote. Roomy enough to stash replica handbags everything in, including probably a backup outfit reserved for run-ins with the paparazzi, it isn’t hard to see how Jhanvi landed on this winner.

Superstar Sridevi’s daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi, have yet to make their official Bollywood debuts but thanks to their insane style cred, they are bona fide Instagram celebrities already. We dare you to tell replica handbags us that this little black-and-white snap isn’t giving you lowkey Kardashian vibes already.

A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Ideal replica Handbag For Your Needs

bagsThe correct handbag replica can be beneficial to your physical appearance in more ways than one. Not only will it improve your confidence, but it can also flatter your figure and complete a favourite outfit in the best way possible.

In fact, people who find the ideal handbag outlet agree that they end up carrying it every day for months on end so it is essential that the handbag is most suited to your needs. This article will provide information on the top considerations to make when choosing the best handbag.

The Length

The first consideration to make when choosing the ideal handbag replica is the length of the bag. The rule for an ideal length is easy to remember because the part of your body where the bottom of the handbag sits will be accentuated.  If your body has small hips, it is recommended that you opt for a bag that will make your shape appear more feminine.

If, however, you have large hips it may be better to opt for a handbag replica that sits along the waist line accentuating the waistline and increasing a tapering effect. Handbags that sit at the waist level will flatter most shapes, so it may be best to choose a bag like this for your collection regardless of your size or shape.

The Size

Many people are tempted to follow the current trend when it comes to choosing a replica handbag size, but it is recommended that you avoid fashion trends.  When looking at the size of a bag, very tall females would do best with larger bags and should avoid the small option. Similarly, shorter girls should avoid large or oversized bags outlet.

The Shape

handbagsWhen considering the shape of a handbag outlet, it is recommended that you opt for a bag to compliment your own body shape. To do this, it is important to review your overall shape and then purchase handbags with opposite features. For example, if you are a tall individual with a slim figure it would be best to choose a handbag that is round and slouching. If, however, you are a short woman with a curvy figure it is recommended that you purchase a bag with straight angles.

The Style

When reviewing the style of the ideal replica handbag, it is advised that you examine your personal style. If you typically wear casual clothing, it may not be the best idea to opt for a formal handbag.

To find the ideal replica handbag regarding style, it is important that you complete research into the accessory and peruse fashion magazines for models wearing similar clothing to you. Consider the handbags the models are wearing and while you may not be keen on the particular handbag, it is advised that you note the style.

The primary factor to consider when reviewing replica handbags is the style, whether it is a shoulder or a clutch. You should also consider whether you wish to look at replica handbags of famous brands or whether you want one that’s a more contemporary style.

You can change the fabric or the size, but the style and the way it compliments clothing is the issue to examine.  You are not going to purchase something you do not like, so there should always be something reflecting your personality in the handbag regardless of the style being chosen.

The best part of the Fendi show wasn’t the replica bags

Gigi Hadid, left, and other models walked in the Fendi show at Milan Fashion Week.

MILAN — Everyone goes to Fendi outlet in search of the next “it” bag. So it came as a huge surprise to onlookers at its Milan Fashion Week show on Thursday that the replica bags played second fiddle to the models’ lips and ’dos.

Gigi Hadid was the first model to walk down the runway with the eye-catching makeup and rockin’ hair. Her lips were covered in rose-colored glitter, which, according to Allure, took makeup artist Peter Philips four steps to apply. More glitter pieces made the models equal parts pretty and tough — inner and outer black eyeliner helped, too.

If the hair accessories look very familiar, that’s because they are the same multi-color studs that decorate Fendi’s famous replica bags and straps. Hairstylist Sam McKnight peppered them throughout a variety of pulled-back hair styles (half up to slick back), and they stood out nearly as much as the glitter lips.

It was the beauty highlight of the day — and I’m certain you’ll be seeing Fendi replica sparkly lips and Fendi embellished hair in the months to come.